To get rid of fat on stomach , you must combine the systematic exercise with proper nutrition.Just doing all this together, it is possible to calculate the result.There's no point torturing yourself to sweat, and at the same time every day to drink a beer or a hamburger for dinner.
Eat right.To remove the extra weight will not necessarily go on a diet and have a constant feeling of hunger.Just as much as possible to eliminate from your diet and any alcoholic carbonated drinks, changing them into fruits, tea and water.Do not eat flour, fat and heavily salted.Try to eat 4-5 times a day, but in small portions.Replace fried dishes cooked or baked in the oven.Try to use in the preparation of food
seasoning and less oil.And it is not beneficial to this restaurant as favorite mayonnaise, sauces and ketchup.
move more.If possible, give up the drive, and public transport.Walk to the store and walk up the stairs instead of the elevator.Make it your habit helpful.
Take a run.This is the best way to burn excess weight not only in the stomach , but also throughout the body.If you suffer from heavy weight and you still is difficult to run, just walk briskly for a long time, gradually replacing step jog.
rock press.Once you feel that extra weight began to leave, get strengthening muscle belly.Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, put your hands behind your head and lift the chest towards the knees.This will pump up the upper and middle abs.Lower press can strengthen simple allowing your legs straight out lying position.Start with a small number of repetitions in several approaches, gradually increasing the load.