If you are just starting, the body will react badly to any load.In order not to get a stretching or tearing of ligaments, and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, need to warm up before stretching.It is necessary to select a group of muscles on which you plan to do the main focus during the upcoming training.Now, follow the warm-up of these parts of the body.For example, make circular movements neck, shoulders, twist the body in the thoracic and lumbar spine, if you want to stretch the upper hand.A warm-up for the bottom can serve as squats or plies, kick their feet, walking on the spot, jump on the rope.
to warm up muscles before stretching was pleasant and efficient business, you can not bring themselves to exhaustion.It is only 10 minutes total as much exercise and
targeted stretching.The main load during the stretching is performed for 20 minutes.Thus, the total holding time is 40 minutes.Stretching the muscles and joints remember.If muscle mass is too small, it is the bones account for the bulk load.So do not give all the best to the full, while the muscles are not strengthened.
Oddly enough, but the best warm-up before stretching - stretching it.All warm-up exercises should be performed slowly and carefully.If you hurry, you can not relax and stretchable body part injured.You also can not too soon to stretch cold muscles, and quickly return to the starting position.
stretched hands, clasped his fingers into the lock and reaching up.Freeze for 10-15 seconds, then relax.Then pull the clutch locking arms back.
Stretch your arms up, holding the right hand left wrist.Slowly bend to the right side, stretching the muscles on the left.Change sides.
Take a deep lunge, right foot forward, leaning on his left knee.The right knee is bent at a right angle.Hugged his left foot and slowly pull your heel to your buttocks.Be very careful, do not attempt the first time to reach the endpoint.
Sit on the floor, straighten the legs, feet resting on the wall.Pull the right foot to the inside of the left thigh and lean forward.Make sure that the knee is parallel to the floor.
Lie on your back, lifting his legs straight to the ceiling.Pull the sock over.Hugged his calf, or if dotyanet ankles.Slowly pull the feet to the head, not taking his buttocks and lower back off the floor.