There are two kinds of hoops: metal and plastic.Rhythmic gymnastics is only the second option.On sale is expensive brand of hoops thousand rubles and more expensive, and there are unpretentious, costing about one hundred rubles.
first reason that wrapped hoops - increasing their strength.The tape prevents the deformation, which is highly exposed to the gym thing.And, of course, the hoop then becomes beautiful.
winding is adjusted for color and pattern gymnastic suit and should be in harmony with it.Hoops can be d
ecorated with ribbons of different colors - for example, one half to make the red, the other - yellow.Here, there are many options - multi-colored ribbons can be alternated after a quarter of winding the hoop, and you can wrap the whole thing in one color on top of another, and let the tape in a spiral.
hoop and ribbon gives extra weight.Such a weighted hoop fly up above, after the throw and does not expect, and thus fall into place plans.In major competitions there is even weight control hoops if it lighter or heavier regulations, an athlete can prevent up appearances.
tapes have normal and self-adhesive.Often they are bought in tissue or flower shops.There are branded tape winding hoops, which are sold in sports shops specialized departments.
So, we proceed directly to the coil, first secure the end of the tape to wrap tape.Then, at an angle of 45 degrees, start to wrap, try to do it tight, but the coils must not cover much of each other.After that, be sure to wrap, wrap adhesive tape, it is best to take a thin adhesive tape.Mota was not at such a sharp angle as the tape very little depart from the perpendicular cross-section of the object.
Scotch recommend not to shake immediately after the turns of the tape, to be able to do it all, if suddenly something does not turn out.Wrapped with scotch tape, if you believe that we have achieved the desired result.And yet - keep the hoop in a horizontal position so that it is not out of shape.