you need
  • - horizontal bar .;
  • - burdening housing.
pullups allow put into operation at the same time a large number of muscle groups, which in turn activates the growth hormone, which leads to an accelerated increase in muscle mass.However, all of the above works only with proper technique perform pull-ups.
Grasp the bar at shoulder width.The palms should be turned away.Tighten your abs and lightly pinch the blade.Keeping your back straight, gently pull the elbows to the body.It's easier than pull up.Once you touch the crossbar chin, slowly lower the body down.
not to relax his hands sharply, it could cause injury.It is better to try to low
er the body two times slower than the rise.This will give a significant load on the triceps.
major muscle groups receiving load during pull-ups, shoulder girdle, back muscles, arms and abs.
to adjust the load, quite a different place your hands on the bar.The greater the distance between the hands, the higher the load on the muscles of the back, especially the latissimus.
If you want to increase the load on the biceps and forearm, grip the bar reverse grip when palms are turned to him.In addition, when a narrow formulation of the hands get a good workout pecs, but the main work is just by the force of arms.
narrow reverse grip also trains the deltoid muscle.To pump up the trapeze, it is better to use a reverse grip with an average staging of hands, while raising the bar to try to be sure to touch the upper part of the chest.If you're pulling, you will start the crossbar behind the head, in addition to the trapezius muscle you pump over the top of the broad and round your back muscles.
Do not forget about the press.Leg raises from the free Davis on the bar - one of the best exercises for the muscles of the core.They allow you to perfectly pump not only all the abdominal muscles, and the muscles stabilizers body.Do not swing on the bar not to work due to inertia.Hold the body still and lift straight legs as high as possible.
Perform three sets of 8-10 repetitions.Last rise to be performed at the limit of strength.Only in this way can achieve growth of muscles.If you can easily perform 12-15 repetitions, increase the weight of their work through a variety of weights.
between workouts required to start a day of rest to the muscles time to recover.It is known that the growth of muscle fibers occurs during rest.