Improve skating and skating maneuvers facing forward.Particular importance is attached skating backwards. Defender quite often in this way to quickly return to their gates in case of a surprise attack the opponent.In this position, you are a good quarterback can view the playing field and to predict intent rivals, with the need to quickly and immediately take appropriate action.
Defender - This upscale organizer counterattacks.Solve the opponent's tactics, to interrupt transmission of keeping the puck interception or use of force against the receiving attacking the opposing team, that went out on a scoring position.Your ability to respond quickly to the situation of the game allows you to organize an unexpected and quick attack of his team. Defender , which has the ability to organize the counter-attack, there
is no price.
Feel free to go to force combat with an opponent in possession of the puck in the moment.Push to the side of the player, and do not let him spend raspasovku.Be courageous, often taking the washer (the speed of a flying puck sometimes reaches 150 kilometers per hour), be able to resist the opponent and not to yield.Otherwise, you just shove, and place at your gates will always be occupied by the opponent's attacks.Do not be carried away by the struggle, remember that, having beaten off the puck at a safe place from the gate, you have fulfilled their task defender.Otherwise, you are threatened with removal from the board.Still, the main task of the defense is to prevent clogging of the puck opponent.
strong and accurate throw, send the puck out of his game zone partners who are willing to accept the transfer.The defender must be able to pass the puck to someone from any position, especially along or diagonally ice field shot the strike.