Before each workout to prepare for the main part of it.Exercise 1:
Take crouch position.Jump up, straightening the whole body, arms drag vverh.Uprazhnenie 2:
bounce and groups - try to squeeze your knees to your shoulders.
Stand up, keeping his feet on the floor.Raise your hands above your head.
Bend your knees.Do not bend them too much, the main thing - to be able to push off well in this position.Bent legs will be quite enough.Put your hands down, take them back a little bit to be able to wipe more convenient.Always help himself with his hands
in the clean and jerk.
Rise on tiptoes.Strongly push down on the floor feet, his hands make a sharp wave.After you pushed, raise your head and pull back.
Once you alienate and make a swing arms, stretch as high as possible.But do not overdo it - you can get a high jump.
Once you pushed, begin to cluster and do twisting ago.When you flip your head constantly keep in the same position - throw back.Do not press your chin to your knees, because it will decrease the speed of your flight, you do not screw the flip and you can fall down and get injured.When performing pirouettes you are unlikely to break his neck, but fall on your head and get a concussion is possible.
At the time when your body will be parallel to the floor, start ungrouping.
to properly land slightly bend your knees.Landing on your toes.If you do not sognёte feet, then you will almost certainly get an injury of the knee, if not break a leg.If you land on your toes do not, you can damage the feet or ankles.
And remember, the main thing - practice.Do not forget that the first time when training is required to use a mat or a trampoline.