Throw long crackdown shayby.Primite starting position: stand half-turned to the direction of the throw.Feet should be shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.Puck is in the middle of the hook, with the blade of the stick shall cover a little puck side poverhnostyu.Perenesite weight from foot that is slightly behind the front leg to stand.Rotate the torso in the direction in which to throw the puck .Push washer to toe and push the stick blade.The puck gets the acceleration due to the accelerating movement of hands and putter.With this impact acceleration washers will be about 80 cm. During the strike Give puck maximum speed and set the desired direction of flight.After hitting a ho
ok keeps the puck accompany .It is necessary to round off the roll without losing the selected direction of flight goals.
Throw short acceleration shayby.Primite pose as when throwing a long crackdown on the puck.But in this case, the washer should lie slightly ahead vas.Nanesite kick the puck towards the goal.Maximum speed of the goals in this case is given by a multi-directional and rotational movement of the hands.At the same legs and torso do not play a special role and do not affect the speed of the puck.
Toss with uncomfortable storony.Zaymite original state.The body should be positioned sideways toward the target.Make sure that the washer is in the middle of the hook klyushki.Prosledite to throw at "lower" for the hand he pulled a stick, pushing it ahead of itself.This cast perform not just because you are in a lateral position to the goal.But having mastered it, you will have many new features to hit the target.
Learn what are the impacts.Usually hit comprises three phases: the backswing, impact and post-impact action.
Pay attention to this kind of shock, a blow-throw.The main problem lies with the sweeping movement of the hands.Such an attack requires a lot of preparation time, and this is very handy during the game.
interesting kind of throw - podkidka washers.This roll applies if the puck on the way there is an obstacle: the stick lying player.
Stand half-turned toward the puck.Legs bent at the knees.The rotational motion of the hands dealt a blow to the washer.Flight altitude goals will determine the angle of the club, which was placed under the blow.