There are a number of exercises that help to significantly improve the technique of possession.It is "chasing", running with the ball, and the usual obstacles, "square" and "canopy."
called Chasing the exercise, during which the need to fill the ball as much as possible the number of times without letting him fall to the ground.This exercise should be given to fifteen minutes a day, preferably thirty.Carrying out chasing a ball, do not stand in place, try to alternate between left and right foot, use your knees.
Running with the ball also helps to improve the technique: you learn to control the ball in motion and not let them go away from you while running.Try to run thus at least a kilometer
per day.Also useful would be to change the tempo run, alternating acceleration and jogging.When you learn to control the ball at high speed, switch to exercise "feints" and stroke.
Steeplechase familiar to every professional football player: the objects are placed on the field, symbolizing the players of the opposing team, to be on the run trace.

First train stroke at low speed, and with increasing skill more accelerated, thereby complicating the exercise.
Square - this exercise, which involved four men facing each other at the same distance.The essence of the square that the players one-touch pass ball to each other one by one, trying to give precise passes at the feet of someone.This exercise will help train the accuracy of short passes, and the technique of the reception of the ball.
Another exercise that uses the players called "overhang".Its essence is that the two players are at a considerable distance from each other (for example, on different sides of a football field) and pass the ball to each other on horseback.Canopy is developing a vision of the field and improves the accuracy of the long ball.