Tip 1: How to build muscle on the horizontal bar and parallel bars

Many athletes often mistaken in saying that you can only be pumped up in the gym.These shells, like bars and horizontal bar - perfect not only for beginners, but also an avid bodybuilder.During training they develop many muscle groups.
If you want to develop your triceps bars follows:
- Get up to the starting position.
- From the maximum upper position, slowly lower down to the maximum.
- When straightening arms triceps strain.
This exercise is done by the maximum number of times in 4 sets.
for pectoral muscles need:
- Get up to the maximum upper position.
- With a maximum down position to bend the torso parallel bars.
- Return to the starting position.
Repeat on the maximum number of times in the four approaches.
to pump up the press should be:
- Sit on the boards.
- Feet rest against the opposite beam.
- Straighten parallel legs and return to starting position.This activity
do in 4 sets the maximum number of times.
horizontal bar develops a large numbe
r of muscle groups, depending on the grip.
In order to pump up the pectoral muscles and hand muscles need:
- Grasp grip twice more than shoulder width.
- tighten the maximum number of times.
- Repeat four approaches.
for the development of internal muscles of the chest should take a narrow grip.
to pump up your biceps to do exercise internal or "feminine" enough.The hands are shoulder width apart.
If you want to learn how to make "output power", it is necessary: ​​
- Grasp the projectile usual shoulder-width grip.
- pull up as high as possible.
- At the peak, try to throw an elbow up.
- After the hand confidently entrenched, throw the other hand.
can throw just two hands, this study after practice with the aforementioned method.
to learn to do, "the rise of a coup" should be:
- pull up to the chin.
- Raise your legs straight up.
- tighten them so that the belt was at the level of the horizontal bar.
- Throw feet for horizontal bar and make a revolution.

Tip 2: How to build muscle on the bar

Pulling on the bar - it is one of the most common exercise.Still, after a horizontal bar - this is the easiest and most affordable trainer.House, only one crossbar, fortified in the doorway - and the horizontal bar ready.Pull-ups on the bar significantly strengthen the muscles of the arms and elsewhere.

to get a beautiful and relief muscle takes a long time to train.Moreover, in very advanced cases it may take several months before a person learns to do at least 5-7 pull-ups.Here it is necessary to bet on the long term.
How to build muscle on the bar
That is what should be paid special attention, engaging on the bar:
you need a secure grip.Brushes should bow crossbar tight.Thumb regardless of grip should be below;
Proper breathing: breathe out when lifting the air is lowered - inhale.
Smooth pull-ups.Do not jerk, pull yourself up slowly.
control descent.
pullups not only strengthen the muscles of the arms, they also contribute to rectify posture, along with swimming.These types of physical activity that can benefit from the spine, and are most accessible.
There is another exercise that is due to the bar and can serve as an alternative to pulling up.It's hanging on the bar with simultaneous rotation about an axis counterclockwise and it is very good and simple exercise that helps relieve tension in the spine.After all, our spine straightens every night while we sleep, as well as in a hanging position.Although, of course, impossible to hang on the bar for hours, but you can do it regularly.As a result - you will have a straight back and a beautiful posture.
Helpful Hint
perform exercises on the horizontal bar better combining them.It begins with a few pull-ups, which are complemented by minute visom on the bar.Over time, the number of pull-ups can and should be increased.After a while, you will notice the result - your muscles will be stronger and more relief and posture tighter.
Helpful Hint: Before you begin to lumber, you need to determine the width.If it is big or small the contrary - the lessons will not be correct.The width of the bars must be smooth arm's length from the elbow to the wrist.
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