On the one hand, the name of the football team should be original and memorable, with another - be relevant to your team.So, if you are creating a team of employees of one company, the name may be related to your work, and reflect the specific activities.

For example, if your business is related to the fuel industry, the command can be called "Prometheus", "Energon" or "Torch".If you are a freight - that would be a suitable name, "trucker".
name of the football team should not be too long (better to use one word, maximum - two), but not too short.For example, "Club football Voronezh slaughterhouse" quickly could not pronounce and did not immediately remember a name like "Om" or "Gas", on the contrary, will be remembered quickly, but will not please the ear due to excessive
name football teams can be formed from the name of the company or organization.If the organization name is too long or consists of several words, you can use the abbreviation.The most famous example - the football club "CSKA", its name comes from the "Central Sports Club of the Army."
also as the name of a football team, you can use the names of ancient gods and heroes of antiquity known.For example, the command "Spartacus" and "Dynamo" named after the famous Roman gladiators, the "Victoria" - in honor of the Roman goddess of victory.
Team name can borrow from the city or the river on which it is based (of course, if the city has no club of the same name).Examples where football clubs called the names of geographical objects, rather: "Moscow", "growth", "Peter", "Terek", "Volga", "Wisla" and so on.
Remember that football team can come up with any name, the main thing - to show more imagination and do not forget that it should please not only you but also your fans.