distribution exercise will depend on how many times a week do you train.If you are visiting the gym three times a week, each group Suck muscle once a week.Large muscle s legs, back and chest is better to train on different days.When training four or more times a week you can work out some group muscle twice.One training should be reinforced, and the second - with lighter weight and fewer repetitions.If you have to crouch on Monday 2-4 times with 80-90 weight% of the maximum, then Friday squat 8-10 times with 50-60 weight%.The variety and volume of load weights will help to avoid stagnation
in the growth of muscle mass and strength.
Diversity should be followed when selecting exercises, types of weights.Do not get hung up on only one bar or gym.Include exercises with dumbbells, with the weight of his own body with rubber bumpers, the resistance of the partner, etc.The order of the exercises can also be alternated.For example, in the first week you are doing bench press first, and then wiring dumbbells lying on an incline bench.The next week, try changing the order of exercises.
Example split Monday - chest, shoulders, triceps, Wednesday - back, biceps, forearms, Friday - thighs, buttocks, calf muscles s.Bleeding press - every workout: Monday - the upper part of the abdominal, Wednesday - oblique muscle s belly, on Friday - the lower part of the abdominals.Scheme for training days and the optimal amount of exercise a week, you will eventually pick up individually.Unified system for all does not exist, since a lot depends on the characteristics of the body and the rate of recovery after stress.The rate of recovery is influenced by external factors: the quality of food and sleep, stress, physical and mental load at work and at home.Sometimes you can skip exercise, if you feel overwhelmed and tired.Activities in this situation will only benefit.Learn how to analyze the results of training and listen to your body.It is itself tells you when to add weight to the bar, and when - to ease the burden.