you need
  • speed, physical strength, technique possession.
Application of a reception stroke depends primarily on the quality of the player.But just as it can largely depend on the physical characteristics of the enemy, as well as the specific situation in which you want to apply a stroke.The player must decide for themselves what type of dribbling it will apply in a given situation.The uncertainty in the choice Finta will lead to vague actions, and the player is likely to lose the ball.
high speed - in itself a good support for obygrysha players.If you are already a well-overclocked and works against you just one player without a safety net, it makes sense to simply prokidyval the ball p
ast him.Your opponent will have to turn around from a standing position, while, as you have typed the course.Therefore, most likely, obbezhav it, you will again have the ball.This technique is good and that it does not require any additional technical tricks.It is worth remembering only that the ball is not worth prokidyval and let myself too far.
Some players are textured and have a lot of physical strength.This helps them to literally scratching the ball from the feet of defenders, push protection even at high resistance when the defenders are helping each other.That player must also skillfully use the body to cover up the ball without letting opponents get to him.The ability to cover the ball housing applies to all players.If the transfer to give no one, and stroke player is difficult, it makes sense to cover your body access to the opponent's ball.Perhaps during this time the situation in the field will improve.Using the body, you can try and beat the player, moving away from the enemy and gradually moving away from him.
With good technical readiness of football he can use feints.Feint - deceptive movement to force the opponent to make a move and lose too much time for the selection of the ball.In addition to developing tricks for the development of dribbling football must improve their ball control, to seek a better "feel" the ball.
arsenal of tricks today's professional players are very rich.One of the easiest tricks is false swing.The approach of a rival player swings leg, pretending to strike a heavy blow.This will force the opponent instinctively put his leg, turn the body.This extra movement hurt him the ball.
sharp change of direction also can leave an opponent out of work - it may simply not have time for you, because unlike you, he does not know in which direction you'll move on.You can use body movements and false when the body goes in one direction, then you are with the ball in the other.Misleading stop also brings the enemy into confusion - after that you can prokinut the ball past him and between his legs.
Modern professional football players use feints and more complex.For example, doing standing around the ball fast alternating movements of the left and right foot, causing the enemy to lose control.Then you can dramatically step aside, leaving a rival out of business.Special chic is different so-called "trick Zidane."When approaching the enemy comes dribbler on the ball and rotated 180 degrees from the opponent.This allows the body to cover the ball and do not let the enemy get to the ball.