Burn fat using cardio.Sports such as running, swimming, aerobics affect the entire body, causing the heart rate to rise.That is what affects the burning of accumulated fat, the higher the heart rate, the bigger and faster it goes.Be engaged at least three times a week to achieve speedy results.
Increase load slowly, without forcing the body to work wear.Stress weight loss will re-weight gain, and it will exceed the mark at which you start to lose weight.
perform exercises on the abs.Giving load these muscles, you strengthen them and eventually make more relief.In this way, your stomach will be flat and beautiful.Almost all exercises are performed in the supine position.Purchase a special mat classes, and start to run.
Bend your knees, put his hands behind his head.Lift up the body, lifting your upper body off the floor.At the same time, do not press your chin to your chest and keep your back slightly rounded to avoid injuries.
Do climbs body, twisting body.Pull in opposite knee and elbow of the opposite arm.This exercise will involve actively the lateral muscles, which are responsible for the formation and reduction of waist sides.
Work feet.Exercises involving the feet, develop the lower part of the abdominals.That is, this area is often the most problematic in both men and women.Lying on your back, place your hands under your buttocks, lift your legs ninety degrees and hook them up to each other.
Tighten the knees to his chest, trying not to rock the body.Then, from the same position push the legs up, do so gently and slowly for better muscle development and load.The last exercise is given quite difficult, especially for those who have just started working on their press.
Perform a set of exercises for ten to fifteen minutes every day.For quick results make it three times a day before meals or two hours after.To maintain stomach toned try not throwing exercises and cardio.Takes a couple of times a week and your body will thank you with their views fit.