Take the tape and begin to wind it on the stick from top to bottom, about 15 cm to the top.Then do the same from the bottom up.Presses the tape as much as possible to the surface of the stick.Make sure that it clings to the surface.Once you have reached the top of the equipment, start the node kind of material.So you make a "handle" for better grip.
Check whether you will be comfortable to hold on to the top of the stick.During a hockey match this figure is very important because there you need to play and quickly move on the ice.At the same time, note that in case of a fall on the ice, you can just pick up a stick for the "handle."Please note that goalkeepers often use a very thick handle.But outfield players need about half the size of the "host" the goalkeeper.
Take the electrical tape and rewind the blade of the stick.Make this part of the work, like the previous one.Make two layers of tape and press them firmly to the surface of the hook.Most players are wrapped almost all hook and leave just a little bit unsafe place at the top.It was not always.Hockey players often experiment with how much to leave the tape on the hook.Try to find out for yourself.Look, whether you will be comfortable to accept and give these passes to rewind.
Check rewind stick in the real world.Play the game and see how it behaves stick during a game.Are you comfortable to manage it or not?Make sure that you have a problem arise with the gears and flicks.Also, check for wear.If the tape does not remain on the hook a couple of shots, add it a little at a club.

Apply a little tape on the handle of the club itself.Some players come in this way: they rewound the top down almost the entire surface of the equipment in hopes of making it stronger.Others believe that it is becoming less "flexible" to strike the puck.Writing, however, the handle tape sticks to improve grip with the hand.