First of all you need to get an idea of ​​ karate as a sport and a means of self-defense.Read related sites on the Internet devoted to different styles and schools of karate .Select the most suitable direction.And also remember those that you absolutely do not fit (for example, the direction of Kyokushin is considered the most difficult and hard from all directions karate ).
Then, when you have decided on the desired style, select the section.See ads of local sports schools.They are constantly being set groups of beginners who want to learn how to fight, and the more prepared athletes who want to raise the level of skill.Or, if you've heard of a certain section of your city, or karate -School with good reviews, ask there.If the result will be worth it, a
nd classes will be fun, it is better to spend the extra time on the road.
Before making a final decision, be sure to check with the coach (in -School karate coach called "sensei").Be sure to have a good relationship with your future mentor.Only an experienced Sensei can not just put a good karate -TECHNIQUE and learn how to fight, but also to raise morale.
start training, do not forget to continue to self-education.See thematic films dedicated to great warriors karate, karate founders -School, as well as paintings, raising the spirit of war.Ask your sensei recommend special literature devoted to the martial arts in general and karate in particular.And do not forget to devote time to physical fitness.Without good physical shape do not get to learn the basic techniques of karate and learn to fight.