Tip 1: How to learn to play tennis

Tennis is not only highly profitable sport, but also a fascinating pastime.Playing tennis, you strengthen the muscles will develop respiratory and cardiovascular systems.Regular exercise helps to cope with headaches and depression, poor appetite and insomnia.In addition, Tennis - highly intelligent game, you will learn how to think strategically and to count the steps of the enemy at every stage.And to succeed you need to have no abilities.
Use the services of a professional trainer.No matter whether you plan to perform at a high level or just want to play good, professional help is needed.Only the coach can teach you the finer points of the game, the ability to move, hold the racket, put the feet to breathe.Lessons can be individual, and group.With proper attention you'll get the same success.
Find a coach who you trust.Select the court in a big city is not particularly difficult.Tennis courts have in many schools, sports facilities and even at major hotels.Refine your rent co
urts and whether on-court training.
observe the work of the group to which you are planning to join.Make sure you are impressed by the manner of communication of the future teacher, the way he conducts classes, there is an individual approach.The best recommendation for a coach - it was his disciples.Try to get to class specialist whose students are winners and winners of competitions at various levels.This will ensure its professionalism.
Purchase equipment.The most important element of it - a tennis racquet.The process of selecting the racket is very individual, it is best to buy a racket, after consultation with the coach.Perhaps the mentor will suggest to buy equipment from him.As a rule, it allows you to buy everything you need at a lower price.
Note for tennis tennis shoe is needed.They allow you to keep a better grip of the foot with the ground or grass courts, making abrupt stops, turns, jumps on the spot, and the like.Familiar running shoes with a smooth sole and raised toe are not designed for this, and you can easily get injured ankle using the wrong shoes.
first time is enough to engage 1-2 times a week.That's enough to master the necessary skills and start playing at the amateur level.Do not spare money for private lessons with a coach.Let them will complement the group lessons.
Pick a sparring partner.It is best to begin to engage together with a friend with whom you will be able to conduct training games.
need to play the score.Do this at every opportunity.Classes with a coach mastered the technique, but it's practice is necessary if you really want to win.It is no secret that during the actual game a person loses about 30-40% of the skills acquired during the training.

Tip 2: How to play tennis

Currently, tennis has become a popular sport in comparison with previous years, when most popular enjoyed football, volleyball or basketball.Now it is fashionable to play tennis.
How to Play Tennis

Very often on the court there are young girls and middle-aged men.This can be explained very simply - and they both want to support yourself in shape.Besides tennis game strengthens a healthy spirit.But, in fact, how to play tennis?

At first glance, this sport seems to be quite easy to learn.However, if you have never held a tennis racket in his hands, and the process of playing tennis only seen in the movies, you should not rush to go to court.For beginners in this business, there are several techniques, the development of which will help to understand how to play tennis properly and where to start.

1. First, before going to court, it is necessary first to "play with the wall."You go to the wall and throw a ball into it, and then try to fight him off, while holding the racket in the right position.Do not come very close to the wall, but also do not expect that this activity will have on the first try.

2. After the first successful strike on the ball - do not relax!After the end of the first stroke - it is preparing to commit a second strike.Remember that novice players inertia make a few steps forward, while the already experienced and knowledgeable players are trying to stay in place.

3. In no case do not lower the racket down after the strike.Otherwise, you'll be doing double duty, while not managing to concentrate on flying the ball in your direction.

As you can see, learn how to play tennis is not very easy.But the main thing in this sport is not to dissipate his attention on extraneous things, and various distractions.With proper compliance with all regulations, safety and continuous, reinforced training, the result will not take long.And should not forget that by learning to play tennis you need to constantly maintain your skills in shape with exercise and training, so as not to lose your accumulated experience and skill in the game of tennis.

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to play more tennis.Wonderful flash game of tennis!The tournament brought together players from around the world, reaching the final and become a winner!Click 'Tournament', to start the game.Select the player by clicking the left mouse button.
Helpful Hint
Tennis is a game in which you need to have great endurance and physical training.Try to beat all rivals and thereby become a champion in tennis.Let your submission will be the strongest.It should be in this game to get out on the tennis court, and pick up a racket.The only way you can show your opponent as you can play tennis.