Pick a good comfortable shoes for training.Do not buy too narrow.Also, it should not hang on leg .Best of all, if it will be quite hard for futsal shoes or regular shoes.Whatever it was, they have you exactly the right size feet.
Get Hard Leather soccer ball.Train once on good professional projectile that this has helped you with the official game or performance.Make sure that the ball was pumped well before training.
Choose a place to train.Let it be any free playground or soccer field.The coating does not really matter.Train with your friends or associates.As a rule, the joint sessions, progress in getting your goals accomplished much faster, because gambling comes into force confrontation.
Train preserve the balance of the body for a long time.Before stuffin
g the ball foot, do the following simple exercise.Stand on the right leg, left bend at the knees and lift up, keep your hands at chest level.Try to stay so for a few minutes.Do the same with the left foot.This simple technique will help you to focus and retain the balance for a long time.
stuffed with two legs.Now it's time for the most filling.Slightly bend your back leg, straighten your front and tamp several test times.Keep your back straight and set the pace of the movements of the hands.Look carefully at how the ball moves.Try to get it into the middle leg of the ball so that it flew up upwards and did not go to the side.At this point many newcomers get off.Stuffed and another foot, despite the fact that Freestyle can use only one.This will give you an edge over rivals in the competition.
hone skills on a regular basis.When you understand how to properly fill, to comply with the coordination and trajectory of the ball, begin to consistently consolidate their skills on the field.Do this constantly and record the results on how much you have been able to fill the ball of each foot.All this will lead you to the rapid progress in stuffing the ball with his foot.