you need
  • ball
Embossing is that the ball should be as long as possible in the air with his feet, and possibly other parts of the body except the hands.Not letting the ball fall to the ground, he again and again throw their feet (or other body parts) up.
First we need to learn how to fill one foot.To begin working with his feet, which is more convenient to hit the ball.Before starting the exercises you need to take the ball in his hands about waist level.Some special reception before the issue, in principle, not necessary.Feet should not be set wide apart - they must be positioned so that it was convenient to just put them in motion.
need to throw the ball in front of him with both hands low - about face level or slightly below.When the ball fall to the level of about 10-20 cm from the ground, it is necessary to begin to fill.Distance from the ball to the ground should depend primarily on your convenience and, in general, on how high you would like to start chasing.
When you hit the ball with the leg must be straightened and directed at an angle to its original position.The ball has to catch it in the air, and he must bear the instep.It was such a shock when the ball can fly straight up.
The ball does not have to be strong!The ball must be lifted to a convenient height you.For beginners it is better not throw the ball very high.Then it is possible to restrict the height of your waist at the level or even lower.Conveniently enough is pop the ball up to the height from which you have thrown his hands.By increasing your skills, you can throw up the ball higher.
For beginners optimal throw the ball to about the same height, maintaining a constant force of impact.The leg can always keep in the air is constant bending and straightening it to the desired angle, and you can put on the ground.So how to set foot on the ground and lift it will be necessary to fast enough to do it carefully to avoid injury.
Of course, at the initial stage is not always the ball will fly straight up.To tame the ball in the air, would have to move him.If you play the foot uncomfortable, you can connect the knee, chest?or head.
for tamping both feet, you must be proficient in its "broken" leg.In this case, the ball at impact is to go up and slightly to the side - to fall at the other leg.Very good to develop "non-working" leg was alternately chasing ball right and left foot.