«Star» competition

All-Star Game in their present form appeared in 1948.Homeland of the show fights became North America, the NHL.Since 1990, the teams play two conferences of the National Hockey League, the "West" and "East", began to dilute the various individual competitions.Including at the very strong cast, which determines the champion of a special device.The first winner was the American defender of Canadian Club, "Toronto Maple Lifz" El Ayefreti, let the puck at the speed of 96 miles per hour (154.49 kilometers per hour).

Three years Ayefreti set a record, lasted 17 years - 169.
3 km / h.Improve this result only current sole leader - the captain, "Boston Bruins' defenseman Zdeno Chara, win in five contests in a row (2010-2014).The latest achievement defender Slovakia with growth 206 centimeters became cast in Star Game in 2012.Featured instrument result Hara - 175.1 km / h - the NHL recognized a new world record.

first "Star weekend" Continental Hockey League was held in 2009 on the Red Square in Moscow.A league debut for the contest of the most powerful masters of clicks in place next season in Minsk.It ended the victory of the defender of the Moscow "Dynamo", and Karel Rachunek Czech team, who threw the puck at a speed of 165.28 km / h.Eighteen months later, Rachunek was killed in a plane crash along with other players in Yaroslavl "Locomotive" flying to the game just in Minsk ...

speed "motorist»

Four last season, leading the CHL in strength cast are two Russian defender - Denis Kulyash andAlexander Ryazantsev.Formally, this correspondence competition is a draw because Kuliash won the ice competitions in 2011 and 2014, and Ryazantsev excelled in 2012 and 2013.But throw a record which, despite protests from the NHL, is also considered a world achievement belongs to the latter.

happened in the Star Game, held on 21 January 2012, when a player Ekaterinburg "Motorist" in an effort to further the puck dropped at a speed of 183.67 km / h.The victory in the next season, Alexander Ryazantsev, had already passed in Cherepovets "Severstal", he won with far fewer results.The device recorded the speed of the puck at the level of its 170.67 km / h.Throws Denis Kulyash, speaking respectively of Kazan "Ak Bars" and Omsk "Vanguard": 2011 - 177.58 km / h;2014 - 162.2.

According to experts, the fact that the owners of the most powerful shots in the history of world hockey are just defenders can not be called an accident.While usually behind the main attacking line and often, unlike forwards, not receiving active physical resistance, Kuliash, Ryazantsev and others are able to easily select the position and aim.After that, most strongly, with a mighty swing, hit the puck, being careful not to touch the ice at the same time.

However, historians and Statistics of North American hockey and the NHL say that the strongest cast of the world many years ago did nevertheless striker.We are talking about the legendary forward "Chicago Black Hawks" and Team Canada 1960-70-ies, Bobby Hull, somehow sent the puck into the goal with the speed of 190.4 km / h.But since this was not in the Star Game, and the record is not fixed.Yes, and Hull at another title, too, I did not insist.

Moskvich Ryazantsev

Unlike Canadian Bobby Hull, who played in the NHL 1182 match, born 15 March 1980 in Moscow, Aleksandr Ryazantsev in the strongest league in the world has not spent a single minute.Although once considered one of the most promising young defenders of the Russian and international hockey, and in 1998 was selected in the NBA Draft, "Colorado Avalanche".Then, trying to get into the main part of "Colorado", he played several seasons in the North American teams from lower leagues.

worthy of respect and such rank first "club" of the planet Ryazantseva as a bronze medalist at World Cup 2005 in the national team of Russia, the winner of the Youth World Championship in 1999, the best defender and silver medalist of the same tournament-2000, winner of the European Cup2006.Having started his playing career in 1996 in the Moscow "Spartak", Alexander subsequently performed in 13 clubs, ten of which were Russian.His last team - Nizhnekamsk "Neftekhimik".