Relax your body before applying impact .It shall enter into force «effect of the whip."Hitting the ball will be much stronger if you beat a relaxed leg.Imagine that your limbs are stretched all the time.In this case, not the desired effect, and the ball does not fly as far as it would like.The only place that is tense, this ankle.
Put the ball in the shock position.Stand back a few meters back.Zamahnites run and kicking leg.The last step before impact should be long enough.The heel kicking leg should be almost touching the gluteal muscles.Allow your knee to go forward first.And at the last second to straighten the leg whiplash motion "through laying the ball."The body post back a little.
always observed to see how your foot touch
es the projectile.If you can clearly see the whole process, which means you'll hit harder and more accurately.This method allows you to control the body, giving an additional acceleration ball .Check it out by hitting a ball against a wall.This will help you measure the force impact .Always ask for a shot of his team, as it would be hard to beat and easy shots on goal.It will also be an indicator of increasing strength impact .
Train strikes every day.Once you have mastered the above theory, start kicking the ball as often as possible.It can even be done before and after a workout.Ask the teacher to give you more time for such a load to faster results appear in this component.
strengthens the muscles and joints of the feet.Without a common exercise is not possible to progress in the field.Always remember that.Such exercises like squats on his shoulders with a partner raznozhka, shuttle run, lunges with a barbell have to become your regular program.After a while you will be surprised how increased power impact on ball .