What are the rules for the selection putter ?The unequivocal answer to this important question, of course not, because in this case, everything depends on the personal preferences of the player, and from his height, weight and other parameters.First of all, pay attention to the length of putter .As the experts advise, its value should reach the level of your nose, but be sure to "overcome" the line of the chin.Otherwise athlete simply "finds" a common language with it and therefore does not achieve the expected results, and the fun of the game.
Look at bends putter , as such it has a two - left and right.Which of them give preference to, again, it depends on your playing style and method of retention putter .Typically, the kinks are numbered with their values, as well as the angle and shape of the hook.And this is very important because it is from the bend of the hook depends on quality of the reception - transmission, throw or just kick the puck.For example, perform a wrist shot top is much easier if your putter big bend, but it will be very difficult to make a low throw.And children under 10 years are putter generally contraindicated.
define its position on the ice field.Thus, the striker is recommended to purchase the professional players putter , in which a small hook, and bend - medium.Hockey players just play defense, be more useful stick with a small bend and a large hook.
Prefer proven producers, hockey action game, but because sticks break more often than we would like, choose a stronger version, if you play on a serious level, and the usual - yard for children's hockey.As they say, the choice is yours.The main thing - a responsible approach to this important cause.
And finally a bit of history.In earlier times, the stick was made of plywood, and it was just stick to the so-called "shovel", a prototype of the hook, and bends not at all.Later, for the manufacture of hockey element began to use harder materials - beech, maple and birch.Today, this piece of equipment hockey players do not only trees, but also from other materials - graphite, glass fiber, titanium.Composite sticks - more durable and lighter, and the latter is very important for the players.However, with few exceptions, they use them only by professionals, for beginners purchase a putter quite expensive.