Tip 1: How to be a good goalkeeper in football

football goalkeeper - the profession special.Millions of people with great interest the football matches, expecting goals scored.And goalkeepers over again deprive them of that joy.That's their job.
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Football - a game sport.There is no need to be faster / higher / stronger.Succeed in it everyone can.But for this you need to put a lot of effort.

good game goalkeeper - that's 50% of the team's success.Therefore, any goalkeeper lays a big load, rather than on any of the fielders.And the burden is not so much physical as psychological.
Psychological preparation.

You must be confident, mentally stable and strong in spirit.Rescued the team in every game episode is not under the power of any goalkeeper.A good goalkeeper should not be upset after each missed ball, even if he missed his fault.So try to forget any negative episode and similar errors in the future to avoid.

Be calm and cool.During the game happens a lot of stress and anxiety situations such
as balls or unused missed chances to score, so never lose your head.
command authority.

As already mentioned, the goalkeeper - the figure in the team is very special.In addition to their regular duties to repel attacks rivals, you should be able to lead their line of defenders, prompting the players in different game scenes (with penalties, corners, other attacks an opponent).Goalkeeper must not remain silent.

When the team a good goalkeeper, the rest of the players feel much calmer.After all, when the rear of their own security, it is possible to think about the attack.Thus, we can deduce the following formula: a confident goalkeeper - confident team.
action game.

must remember that your main goal - to reflect the balls flying in your gates.This does not have to be a two-meter and jumpy.Good distinguish right choice goalkeeper at the gate positions and reactions.

What would you do, to achieve considerable success in this activity, you need to work, work and work again.Profession football goalkeeper is no exception.Dedication in training and in games, the constant self-examination and a desire to be the best - that's the key to success.
spectacularity or efficiency?

football history is replete with examples of notable successes achieved goalkeepers, not endowed by nature outstanding physique.But hard work in training, maximalism and casual insolence allowed them to overcome all difficulties and become better.

absolutely does not matter how you parry an opponent on their goal.You can do it in a beautiful jump, you can select an item by simply catching the ball in his hands.The main thing - the result.No matter how it's done.Efficiency is paramount.

Thus, commitment, will and indomitable sporting character - these are the basic components of a good goalkeeper.

Tip 2: How to become a goalkeeper

good soccer goalkeeper should have a number of specific qualities, some of which are innate, others are quite amenable to training and development.
How to become a keeper

Quality of the goalkeeper

football goalkeeper primarily associated with absolute fearlessness because he had boldly to the feet of the attacker at the output, and make a desperate leap, trying to pull the ball from the top corner of the goal, despiteat risk of getting a painful blow of the ball, or worse, hit the goal post.

second characteristic decent shot - excellent response.The approximate speed of the ball after the bounce of about 80 kilometers per hour, and the record in this area belongs to the legendary Roberto Carlos, after hitting that ball speed was 140 kilometers per hour.Thus, reflexes and quick reaction - the most important attributes of the goalkeeper who plans to succeed and make a career in football.

And the third most important feature of a good goalkeeper - cool.Failures happen at all, but even after the goalkeeper of the offensive passed ball must meet and continue as if nothing had happened.Fairly common situation where the goalkeeper after committing the error has not been able to play at a decent level, begins to get nervous enough to make a stupid mistake - in a word, loses his composure.

Goalie skills and ways of their development

If these characteristics are more to the human qualities, being, in general, traits that change is extremely difficult (with the exception, perhaps, of the reaction), you should now be given toskills development which any healthy person.

Jumping.The standard height of the gate in the big football is 2 meters 44 centimeters, that is a person of average height and not too easy to just jump to the crossbar.And if the ball does not fly directly over you, and into the top corner?Door width - 7 meters 32 centimeters, so if you stand by the defense, to repel flying in the "nine" ball you have to overcome in a matter of seconds a distance of about 3.5 meters.Practice this skill involves jumping exercises to develop explosive power and leg muscles.

coordination.Every movement of the ball must be honed to automaticity!In an emergency there is no time to think, so all must be carried out reflexively.So, the goalkeeper has to beat the ball straight ahead and to the side, in a special way by turning the hand, feet need to throw the defender verified traffic to and pick up the ball and do not get injured.There are many nuances, and the only way to develop the skills listed - constant training, monotonous repetition of the same exercises in order to acquire the so-called muscle memory.

You have to forget about the habit of closing his eyes when approaching the ball to the goalkeeper is simply criminal!This skill is quite difficult to get, because it is necessary to overcome the reflexes, based on - the survival instinct, the strongest human instinct.

In addition, the goalkeeper must learn to control his advocates, well build defense, the right to put a "wall" in the implementation of the provisions of the standard, as well as accurately put the ball in play, avoiding hitting the ball to the opponent in his own half.
Be keeper, so do not be afraid of the joints.Fighting for the ball, you have often come into close contact with an opponent.Each episode is necessary to finish the game until the end, when decided to join the fight for the ball, it is not necessary to change it.
can never think about the possibility of injury.During the game, think only about the game.
Helpful Hint
You need to always be focused, carefully follow all the movements of the ball.You never know at what point will be hit.
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