you need
  • - The name of the team;
  • - a motto;
  • - oratory skills.
Determine how viewers discover your sports team.No matter where he appears to be a new team - on the Internet or before the competition, the opening speech is a standard form, for example: "Hello to all the participants!ยป
Select the advance team leader, whoit will present to the public.They can be you or any other party.The key is that they must be very charismatic man - one who can rightly be considered the master or leader.Also, it should have the oratorical skills.
Make sure that the team leader knows every team member in person and by name, and let it all out loud present according to the list before the start of the competition.It is necessary to make
advance in alphabetical order.Notify the place of work or study of the sports team.Usually it is pronounced immediately after the announcement of the list of participants.
Think of a resounding and memorable name of your team.To participate in the book title is all its members: that it liked and did not cause adverse reactions.The team captain says it in public, loud and clear.
create unusual and interesting motto or slogan for your sports team.It should display the winning spirit and serve as a warning to the enemy that is better with a team not to get involved.This slogan can shout at the same time all members of the team.This will give a great attitude!
Make a logo for your team.It should match the chosen motto, expressing the invincibility and cohesion of the team.This will be a great addition to coloring competitive spirit.Representing such a way team , you can safely rely on its success in the competition and the subsequent progress.