you need
  • - recommendations from coaches;
  • - a portfolio of his team;
  • - video presentation of the game.
Enlist coaches of those teams that you have already played once.To do this, ask them to provide you with letters of recommendation.They should be positive and show that you have made an incredible contribution to the success of the previous command.
Be a leader in your team, even if you're playing in the yard championship.Captains, are more likely to get a place in any team.It is because of his leadership skills you will have more chances than others.
Make a portfolio of achievements for his club.Save any newspaper cl
ippings or mention about the success of your team and, in particular, your personal.
Create a video collage.Collect slicing great games that highlighted your contribution to the team.Ask your coaches and teammates to help you with this.Let them choose the most memorable moments.
Attend all activities of the club in which you want to play.Usually every game home or away matches at present the entire coaching staff of the team.It's just a great way to make a good impression and get close to the coach or team managers.Remember that you need to behave properly both on the ice and beyond.The first impression - the most powerful.
Send the requested information about himself in time.If members of your target team asked for more information, then they are interested in you.Be ready for it!Give all that you need to be on time and in a professional way.
always played to win.Always train hard and do a lot more than others.If you are all kind and actions prove that you - a valuable player, you will be in command anyway.It's just a matter of time.