prevalent in professional hockey players such statistical characteristics as the "factor of utility."Otherwise, it is called "plus-minus" or «p / m» (from the English plus / minus).This figure reflects a utility player in hockey and is the difference of scored and missed goals in the game when a player is on the ice.For goalkeepers this feature is not applicable.Calculation of "plus or minus" is conducted as follows.Positive points are awarded to players of the team that played in the minority or equal to the number of trains to the opposing team scores a goal."Plus" is charged regardless of the presence or absence of the opposing goalkeeper.From this it follows that the "minus" is awarded to the team players who were on the ice at the time the puck skipped.From this simple principle and develops factor of ut
ility players in hockey.Characteristics of "plus or minus" can be considered for the players in a single game, and for the whole season or tournament.Thus, if a player in the tournament have utility factor "-3", and one match scored "2", then its coefficients become equal to "-1".


is believed that the founder of the characteristics of the "plus-minus" in hockey is a professional hockey club "Montreal Canadiens» (Montreal Canadiens), playing in the National Hockey League (NHL).Read coefficient first began in the 1950s, and the rest of the NHL teams have adopted this idea in the '60s.It sports the invention is usually associated with a famous player and coach Emile Francis.

Award NHL Plus-Minus Award

Every year the best players in the system efficiency is awarded a special award NHL Plus-Minus Award.The first award of this prize is dated 1983 year.In the entire history of the awards NHL Plus-Minus Award hockey player with the best indicator of "plus or minus" is considered the famous Wayne Gretzky, played for the club, "Edmonton Oilers» (Edmonton Oilers), has established a total of 61 record, often called the greatest player in the history of hockey.Its maximum efficiency factor for the season was equal to "98" In addition, he became the owner of the trophy three NHL Plus-Minus Award, which is also today a record among players.

rating players for the season 2013-2014

To date, NHL player with the low efficiency is Alexander Ovechkin, the captain, "Washington Capitals» (Washington Capitals), earned a rating of "-36", it is considered the worst player in the league.Some time leader among the outsiders held also our compatriot Nail Yakupov of the team, "Edmonton Oilers» (Edmonton Oilers), having a rating of "-33".The best players this season are considered players from the team, "Boston Bruins» (Boston Bruins): David Krejci with a rating of "39";Patrice Bergeron, "38";Brad Marchand, "36".