Start with general physical training.Despite the fact that the goalkeeper did not have to run a lot on the field during a football match, it should be able to compete for the ball.He needs to have a strong and harmonious development of the torso muscles.Therefore, training in the gym two or three times a week will be required.Do not forget about motocross training.This will help to develop endurance for long workouts and lots of games.Walk into the pool at the weekend classes.Water treatments help restore muscles and give energy for the next cycle.
Train your legs, doing special jumping exercises.They can do both in the gym and with the group of players.Firstly, always crouch and squats with a barbell.Goalkeeper jumping leg is crucial.Secondly, do raznozhku with or without weights.Each set should be at least
50-60 repetitions.Third, perform leg presses on a special simulator.This exercise is less traumatic.All this will help to develop the thighs, buttocks and lower leg that affect the qualitative jump for the ball.
Develop response.As much as it is banal sounds to be a good goalkeeper, you need to reflect as much as possible of flying balls on target.Ask teammates to hit from different positions many times.Let it be angular, fines, penalties, long shot, etc.The more of a workout or catch whacks balls, the faster will develop goalie skills.Try to take the ball always to stay ahead of the enemy, not even giving him a break through on goal.Teammates should feel that you - a reliable guarantor.
Learn various techniques of ball handling.These include: leg knocking the ball from the goalkeeper and the penalty area hitting the ball fist capture in hand.With these skills you must master to perfection.Hit the ball on a par with their colleagues in the club.Bumps in the target do not try to pick up the ball in his hands - beat back his fists.Worked through these issues many times in each session.