Do a thorough warm-up before the whole body exercises pectoral muscle .Jump on the rope about 5-10 minutes.It is important that the body warm and ready for loading.If there is no rope, you can just run around the room during the same time.Pull a few times on the bar and do the stretching arms, back and chest .On the whole workout should take you about 10-15 minutes.
Run mode on the horizontal bar.Dip a small weight on the shell.Lie down on the bench so that his head was a bit beyond the level of the bar.Grasp the bar at shoulder width apart and remove it from the racks.Lower slowly until it touches the chest and squeeze it up.Repeat 10 times.Make at least 5 working sets.Relax and otdyshites.
Make wiring dumbbells on a flat bench.Take two small weight dumbbells and lie down on
the bench.Raise your hands, straighten them completely.As soon as the dumbbell over your head turned slowly dissolve hands in the parties to a painful blemish.Then pinch them together.Perform this exercise at least 10 times 4 sets.Get up from the bench and shake hands.
Suck pectoral muscle using a heavy dumbbell.This exercise has is called "pullover".Dumbbell should be about 1.5-2 times heavier than the one with which you have done in the wiring side.Again lie down on the bench, lift the shell above his head and gently slide it over your head.Return it to its original position.The number of repetitions - 10 sets - 3.
Train also on a special simulator "wiring in the side."This exercise will help your muscles do not gain volume as the previous three, but to form a relief pectoral muscles.It is also very important in the harmonious development.Sit on the seat of the simulator, grasp the handles and forearms follow mixing cargoes.Slowly return your hands to their original position.Make at least 10 times in the three approaches.