most common cause of weight gain - the difference between caloric intake and energy expenditure.Even if you eat some salads and vegetables, but sit still, do not move, you can still consume more food than the body needs.Weight will grow.We need to get as many calories as expended during exercise.Weight can grow because of what you do not sleep.Lack of sleep - it's great stress to the body.And in this state, it is the weight of understood inclined to postpone the reserves, moreover, slows metabolism.Perhaps you do not notice how frequent breaks to ensure that "a snack", because lack of sleep leads to increased appetite.The same applies to the usual stress.If your life is
not all right, then the risk of extra weight gain significantly vozrastaet.Tomu that the body begins to gain weight, can help some medicines.For example, this effect can give some drugs for migraine, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes.These types of medications, like steroids and hormones are able to separate even when weight minute to obesity.If your lifestyle has not changed, but you started taking any medication and fullness, it is possible that the reason for it is in them.In this case, check with your doctor.Do not interrupt the medication without consulting a doctor because it may cause unpleasant and rather serious consequences.Sometimes weight increases due to the fact that you have a health problem.The thyroid gland can produce less hormones than the body needs.Symptoms: drowsiness, constant fatigue, intolerance to cool.The disease is called hypothyroidism, and it is not so rare.Therefore, if you have doubts, go to the doctor and do a test for thyroid hormones.It may also be that the excess cortisol in the body, this situation also contributes to weight well.It also happens that a person is engaged in fitness and weight continues to grow.People begin training with the aim to lose weight, but took a couple of weeks, and the numbers on the weight increased ah!If this is about you, do not take the time to throw a class.For this reason.If you started to train recently, and before that for a long time, or never played sports, the first couple of weeks, the body will delay the fluid in the body, thus coping with stress.Wait a while, and all goes well - weight will decrease.Also, the mass rises from the fact that instead of fat deposits in the body appear muscle tissue.They weight Yat more, but take up less space.To be sure that the positive result is achieved, use a measuring tape.Maybe another reason.If you are coming from training, experience rabid appetite, flushes the fridge and then go to sleep - in this case, too, can recover.Increased calorie intake leads to the fact that you still expend less energy than getting food.