«Fight" from Argentina

his stellar career current top scorer of the world Lionel Messi started in Argentina's "Newell's Old Boys", where in 13 years, thanks to breeding talent sporting director of "Barcelona" Carles Rexach, he moved to the European continent,the football school of the famous Spanish club.It is in the "Barcelona" 17-year-old Argentinian scored the first of many hundreds of professional goals.

9 minutes in the "derby»

the first time on the Barcelona stadium "Camp Nou" Messi came in the autumn of 2004, having spent 9 minutes of the match against fellow "of Hispaniola."On display is the name of the South American talent, "lit up" May 1, 2005 - with the goal of "Albacete".Differences in the age of 17 years, 10 months a
nd 7 days, Messi found himself the youngest goalscorer in the history of the Catalan team. debut in "Barcelona" nothing special for Messi marked not proved.October 16, 2004, for the first 9 minutes to complete victory "derby" against the "Hispaniola", he replaced the Portuguese Deco.But the goal did not marked.

debut goal in the Champions League South American Junior down for a November 2, 2005, hitting the gate of the Greek teams, "Panathinaikos."And the official ball №1 in the form of the national team of Argentina held during the 2006 World Cup by taking part in the defeat of the national team of Serbia and Montenegro.

How many total?

Over the next eight years or more Messi, for his miniature growth nicknamed "Flea" scored another ... By the way, how many?

Alas, the exact statistics of goals sent "Flea" at the gate of opponents in the championship and the Copa del Rey, Champions League and the national team of Argentina, in nature, apparently, does not exist.Different sources name different quantity.

agree to one of them, as of 1 January 2014 the asset was Messi 453 goals.Most of them - 367 - he scored while playing for the "Barcelona" (340 of them in official games).Another striker scored 37 times in games for the Argentine national team, captained by Lionel is now, and which will soon go for medals in the World Cup in Brazil.How many, I wonder, the goalkeeper will have to get out there sorry balls from the grid of the gate? in Argentina's Lionel Messi scored 37 times, but stop at this achievement heir to Diego Maradona glory is going.The plans Lionel - gold medal of the World Cup in Brazil.

But another source, football website BestGoal.tv, estimated that the bomb asset Messi at the same time bore the "only" 366 goals, 329 of which he spent playing in the form of "Barcelona".

Messi - a head and a goal!

As you know, who knows how to score an injury - not a hindrance.And the figures mentioned above, you need to add and goals scored recovered from serious injury Messi in January-March 2014.

Having played after the recovery of the "Leopard" in all tournaments with her participation - the championship and the National Cup, the Champions League - Messi struck another 14 punches.Thus, on March 9, 2014, in his bombardirsky registry to be recorded 467 goals.Of them in the "Barcelona" - 381 (354 in official matches).

Well, to paraphrase the well-known expression of writers Ilf and Petrov, is respectfully say: "Messi - is the head!".Although the main "working tool" Lionel is low, rather, his famous left foot.

Race for Sarah

Beating many scoring records, Lionel Messi is ready to aim a blow at the new - club.After scoring a recent "Real Sociedad" and "Almeria", Messi brought its own balance in the league scoring 230 goals.Thus, the two goals he surpassed former Spain striker Raul and went to the third position in the race scorers conditional Spanish examples of all time.Messi ahead of it only Mexican Hugo Sanchez (234 balls) and Spaniard Telmo Sarah (251). If left to finish Sample 2014 eleven matches Messi will be able to score 22 goals, he will be able to break the record forward "Athletics" Telmo Sarah, becoming the most productive scorer in the tournament for the whole period of its implementation.

True, according to the journalist of the Spanish newspaper El Confidential, Messi, whose contract with the club, in fact, acts even 4.5 years, actively invite the French "Paris Saint Germain" and English "Manchester City".The latter, according to the newspaper, offering "Barcelona" 200 million euros and the Argentine scorer - 25 million, but a year.