you need
  • - sportswear;
  • - desire.
Choose a style of capoeira, who want to learn.They are several.Angola - the motion is slow, it is "lower machinery": the players almost crawling on the ground, poluprisev, a drum beat.Rezhinal - spectacular, acrobatic style, with tall racks and jerky movements.Benguela is a mixture of styles rezhinal and Angola.MaculelĂȘ - a kind of ritual dance with short sticks;kicker make a right hand, completing each beat of the drum.
If you hear about this kind of martial arts for the first time, start with the first level - the study of the main movements and racks.Generally, all the techniques of capoeira can be divided into three levels: first - the inverted position, the implementation of the provisions of the pillars and on the hands and the third - shock techn
Teach basic elements of capoeira.It ginga, rasteira relay."Ginga" in translation from Portuguese means "rolling gait".It is not a static reception, and continuing the movement, the pendulum move in which the body weight is moved from one foot to the other.Rasteira - a movement-sweeps, performed with either foot and is used for rapid approach of the enemy back.Relays - rotational movement, let you quickly change the level of movement from top to bottom and from bottom to top, immediately get close to the enemy, or move away from it.The main reception of capoeira is very low, legs wide apart.
to capoeira, requires no special training, though good shape does not hurt, especially useful are the skills of acrobatics.Capoeira teaches great to own a body, to concentrate, develops flexibility and coordination, plasticity and sense of rhythm.It is an art with amazing energy, to which it is difficult to remain indifferent.