you need
  • - ball;
  • - boots;
  • - football field;
  • - cones.
Tie tight laces on the boots.Make sure that the foot sat rigidly, but was not constricted.This point is essential to control the ball, because the free legs in boots reduce speed performance while dribbling.Always consider this aspect.
Do dribbling the ball every ¼ and ½ step.Always concentrate on the close control of the ball.This is a basic quality dribbler, since it makes no sense to work on speed, if there is no clear possession of the ball.Go to a faster operation (stroke), as soon as you are well able to monitor the movement of each half-step.
Use dribbling cones in training.Arrange them on the field so as to obtain a direct corridor from triangles.Encircles the ball around each cone, as
it makes the skier, which descends from the mountain slalom and tries to get into the space between the obstacles.Start dribbling perform every half-step to make sure the technique.Only then increase the speed.Then move the cones a little closer to each other so that you will become more difficult to do a stroke around them.
complicate his task.Now make the corridor of the rectangles.It should be about 10 meters wide and 30 meters long.Begin to move through the corridor, carrying dribbling every quarter step and speeds up every 6-7 meters.Return back, dribbling is done in the same rhythm.Practice the transition from slow and mid-tempo to high is crucial to increase the speed dribbling.
apply their skills in real game situations.Remember that exercise is comfortable enough to make traffic bypass.Whereas in an official match you will not have room for error.Proceed according to the principle: better easier, but safer.It is better to make a simple movement, but beat the opponent and keep the ball, you lose it.