you need
  • - scissors.
When the plant has ceased to bloom, make sure that there are no peduncle swollen buds of which may be new buds.They may be not only at the tip of the flower stalk, but also close to the buds have faded.Also note the very tip of a growing green and it does not need pruning, even in the case where the orchid has bloomed.
If the arrow begins to fade, you can start cutting.Procrastination is drawn to the fact that the plant is forced to spend on maintaining the strength deflorate peduncle.To do this, take a pair of scissors or a sharp knife and cut the orderly movement of the upper part of the shoot, leaving the entire lower part of his two kidneys growth.Typically, the first of which is almost at the ground, and the second at a height of 4-7 cm from the first.Saving data so-called "dorma
nt buds", hidden in the scales of the trunk, may contribute to the emergence of new side shoots.
Sometimes blooming arrow can be divided into several shoots, then it makes sense to trim only the part that is beginning to fade.The second may appear buds.
This is not the only way to trim.In order to maintain power plants can be cut stems at the base.Additional processing place requires pruning.