When choosing a helmet, pay attention to the weight (it should not be difficult).In addition, the helmet should be high-quality mounting.On the inside of the protective element is always present seal, softening the force of impact.Much depends on the age of the player, for example, for juniors (ie under 18) are provided with so-called helmet visor, which is made of metal.Those athletes who have reached 18 years of age, can play already with the usual plastic visor.
Selecting all hockey equipment, including a helmet, - an individual matter.In this case, much will depend on the shape of the head.As a rule, all the commercially protective equipment designated by the three main dimensions.Also, there are two additional.Before buying a helmet is better pre-measure the gir
th of the head.Size S correspond to 52-57 cm, M - 55-60 cm L - 58-63 cm. Two additional sizes: XS up to 55 cm in girth, and XL - 62-65 cm. Please note that depending on the companythe manufacturer is indicated dimensions may vary (although the difference is not very significant).All helmets for equipment are divided even on groups: metal grille with a plastic "visor" and have neither the first nor the second.
Once you pick the right size, try on a helmet.Before it is better to loosen the screws of adjustment, stretch wider product and then put on.Now tighten the screws and the vote result.You should be most comfortable helmet in any case, should not put pressure on your head.All that is needed - is that he sat tight.