estimate the size of the corridor.For non-long and wide enough to fit almost any wallpaper - plain, with ornaments or flowers.This corridor will look especially good vertical bar, which visually increase the ceiling.Long and narrow corridors - a difficult task.They can not be glued dark wallpaper, or use the large and contrasting patterns.Vertical stripes will make even narrower corridor, and the horizontal - is longer.Therefore, the ideal is bright colors with simple patterns or ornaments, without bright and contrasting details.
choosing wallpaper, consider the lighting in the hallway.Well-lit room is not a problem, it is possible to use different colors and patterns.Dark corr
idors require a special approach: dark tones are excluded.Better to choose the rich, but not very bright shades of warm range: yellow, orange, pink.Keep in mind that the color can be changed under the influence of light, especially artificial, so before buying the wallpaper, take a sample and see him in the hallway.
If the door goes directly into the apartment hallway, white or very light-colored wallpaper is better to exclude, as the walls can get sprays with umbrellas, dirt from shoes or a coat.We recommend using a wallpaper with patterns, and even better - washable (then you can choose white).
Consider the color and style of the other elements of design: floor, ceiling, doors and furniture.Everything must be in harmony with each other.For example, the classic dark parquet and doors "antique" are unlikely to be combined with a light-blue wallpaper flowered better to use the traditional strip, plain and quiet, unobtrusive colors.
Use several kinds of wallpaper.For example, the lower part of the wall can be stuck dark and above - light of the same or similar pattern.The joint between them cover the fascia strip.So you protect the bottom of the dirt and add light and space to the corridor.In a long hallway you can paste over the space near the front door one kind of wallpaper, and a distal portion - the other, making the arch at the junction.The corridor will be divided into two rooms and will not look like a long and narrow.