The first and main condition for getting rid of fat in any part of the body (including on the back) - the transition to a low-calorie diet.Reduce the daily intake of calories to 1000-1200 cc.
Mainly remove from the diet of fatty foods.Animal fats do not consume more than 20 g per day.Follow protein (at least 50 grams) and not lean on carbohydrates (200-250 g).Do not forget to use 20-27g per day of vegetable oils, fat from their body can not take it, but containing vitamins would be helpful.Do not mix vegetable and animal fats per meal, for the benefit of you this will not do.
Eat more fruits, vegetables and all sorts of greenery.Vegetarian dishes are not only useful, but also extremely low-calorie, it will help you maintain a
diet.In no case do not hold fast!The effect is completely reversed.All the fat lost weight back double the size immediately after the fasting.
to quickly drive away the fat from the back, perform several times during the day little exercise.Do exercises in the morning and evening jog.Physical activity will help you to increase your energy consumption by 20-30%, and fat will be actively cleaved.
Often tense back muscles.This can be done anywhere: at home and at work, sitting at a computer desk.The activity of the back muscles not only help get rid of nenavisnogo fat, but also help to keep your back straight, which will also enhance your overall health.
may also want to visit from time to time the swimming pool.When sailing you get a double benefit - spend a lot of energy (and as a consequence, and fats) and give excellent load all the muscles of the back.
very important after the result, but it will not take long, did not abuse the amount of food.The daily rate for women in 2000 cc and 2500 cc for men.Overeating as a result would nullify all your efforts.