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In England, a unique situation.All three of the club, who occupied the podium in the previous season, replaced by his mentors.This happened for different reasons, but overall they still have - the desire to achieve more.
Manchester City lost patience with Mancini, Balotelli and Tevez.All three in the team there, but now the green lawn of the stadium Etihad try interesting newcomers.The Brazilian Fernandinho, Montenegrin Jovetic, Spaniard Jesus Navas.This three add creativity to any team in the world, so that the action of attacking townspeople watch will be a great pleasure.With protection, just as in the past year, will have the same problems.Powerful center defense players often do not keep pace with the brisk count and full-backs do not always pay attention to their im
mediate duties.The answer to all this mess can only be an iron hand new coach - Manuel Pellegrini.This ambitious instructor can build a defense game like no other, for example, write to the Spanish league, where he worked his best years.Rating bookmakers - 2.75.
Chelsea again becomes the domain of more than one Abramovich and Jose Mourinho.Say what you like, and then none of the Portuguese coach was not so well received in the office of Russian billionaire (example Hiddink can be left out of the equation).However, he gets at his disposal is not quite the player, which he prefers to have.Obi Mikel, as he did not try, it is not up to Essien and David Luiz and can even lose its place at the heart of its permanent connection to the attacks, especially when no one asks.Despite this, Chelsea this season will be the clear favorite, because Mourinho simply can not lose!Rating bookmakers - 3.00.
Manchester United headed by David Moyes, the Scot who achieved something like fame Everton in Liverpool.Talented mentor will be under powerful press in the first six months of work at Old Trafford, and with him and the team.Plus also the main star of "devils" Wayne Rooney is increasingly quarrel with the management team, and seems to have everything for himself thought there were only digital formalities.Execute them in the current monetary marathon may Spanish grandee and the English top clubs, as well as the French colony of billionaires, the second team had to pull out of the ashes.Rating bookmakers - 3.25.
Arsenal with Arsene Wenger in the one hundred millionth time their journey all the tournaments, and I'm sure again anywhere will not be an extra.But there will not be and win.All this is somewhere, sometime, but all with the same arsenal.Wenger after Thierry Henry and Bergkamp has not been able to create a team capable of winning anything.At the beginning of this season the Frenchman enthusiastically voiced names of prospective acquisitions, and ultimately to top the championship with one suited newcomer - young striker Yaya Sanogo and a total of 14 players from the starting lineup for the application for the first match.Rating bookmakers - 17.00
Another contender is traditionally the team of Liverpool.From year to year, from Liverpool waiting for a miracle, and they again and again from the beginning of the season fall into the pit, and the miracle occurs only in the form of exit from there.This year, nothing new, no one will portend.Team poorly conducted transfer policy does not strengthen the weak position, and then there's the best player in the current Liverpool Luis Suarez "suddenly" wanted to leave, is not enough, it seems, Uruguayan trophies.What can help Liverpool?Only faith in himself, so fans who never ever team will not leave!Rating bookmakers - 29.00.
London Tottenham entirely suffers from "Beylomanii."Will or will take Welsh prodigy?How can it get for "spurs"?Who will replace the best player Tottenheima the past two years?These are the questions now occupy British public, not the start of the season.He, meanwhile, could become one of the most successful for the London club.Judge for yourself: Yes, leave Bale, but instead had bought Soldado and Paulinho.If the first is not necessary, then a second to say that Paulinho was the main pleymekerom Corinthians, for a second best club in the world by the end of 2012.The main trouble Tottenham previous two years was unstable, but now the team headed for the second year in a row the same mentor, so the players to his management style used to.Rating bookmakers - 29.00.