Tip 1: How to download the press with a wheel

Exercise movie - the simplest and most effective training device for which there is a place even in the most cramped apartment.This elementary device there is little competition in terms of the load on the muscles of the abdomen.Although the exercises with the roller is not so much to get the perfect press they help very quickly.
you need
  • - gymnastic roller;
  • - gymnastic mat.
Kneel.To make it convenient to carry out the exercise, place a rolled towel under your knees or gym mat.Take the clip with both hands and place it at a distance from the knees to the back was parallel polu.Na breath begin to roll the roller forward, trying to touch the floor feeding.Feel the muscle tension and press and hold for 2-3 seconds.Then, exhale slowly return to starting position.Only work the abdominal muscles.Do 15-20 repetitions.
Lie down on his stomach on a gymnastic mat.Roller set on the floor in front of the head arm's length.Inhale, and straining muscles and press, pull the vide
o for yourself.Arch back up as much as possible.Rotten in the back, but never left the floor hip and pelvis.Exhale and slowly return to starting position.Do 15-20 repetitions.
Sit on the gym mat.Legs pull ahead.Set the video to the right of the body and place your hands in it.On the inhale, resting his hands, roll the roller away from you to the right as possible lowering body.Sensing the tension of the muscles oblique press and, pause for 2-3 seconds and exhale return to starting position.Perform 15-20 repetitions.Then relax for a minute and do the same number of repetitions for the left side.This is one approach, but you have to make two.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.Lean forward and take the focus on the video.Put the simulator as close to the socks.Slowly move the video forward.Get down to touch the floor breast.The emphasis should be on roller and toes.Hold this position, then slowly pull the clip back and exhale to the starting position.This exercise is the first time it is recommended to carry out with the insurance partner.Do 10-12 repetitions.Gradually increase the number of them.

Tip 2: How to download the press roller

Exercises roller help strengthen the abdominal muscles in a very short time.Classes with the sports equipment is especially useful for women after pregnancy, 10 minutes a day to return the old form, and allow to remove the load from the back.
How to download press roller
Kneel.Use a gymnastic mat soft, it will prevent the erasure of the knees in this exercise.The distance between your knees should be 10-15 cm. Toes rest against the floor.
Pick roller press hands.On the handle of the device there is a special recess.Place them first phalanges.Place the roller press on the floor at the level of the head.
Focus on roller.Your arms should be fully extended and stretched.Transfer your weight on your hands.The roller will roll forward, keep moving the body behind him, straightening the legs.Make sure that the kneecaps were in place and the hands are not bent.
Move forward until the abdomen will not appear lying on the floor.Try to keep your mind was not fixed on the roller, and sent before him.Hands stretch as far as possible.Lock position.
Pull clip on hands at the same time must remain stretched and strained.Lift the body as it approaches roller to the abdomen.Be careful, because the hands can roll off the handles, and you can drop it.Return to starting position.Make sure to press muscles have been stretched when moving in both directions.Repeat the exercise 20 times.
Do this exercise by changing the direction of the roller to the right and to the left, it will strengthen the obliques.Check the position of the back.
To give more stress on the oblique muscles, sit on the floor, pull the legs clasped in front of him.Put a clip on his right, perform movement to the right as far as possible from him.Work whole body.Do 10 sets.Transfer the video to the left and follow a similar exercise.Do exercises every day, despite the fact that the first time, the muscles will ache.
Often begins to engage with gymnastic roller having back pain.To prevent them combine exercise with a roller with hyperextension.Hyperextension can be performed on a special bench or just on the floor, firmly fixing the legs.
Helpful Hint
Starting exercise with gymnastic roller, do not try to immediately go down as low as possible, or perform a maximum number of repetitions.You may simply not enough forces to return to the starting position.Increase the load gradually.
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