you need
  • 1) 1 ch. L.almond oil, 8 drops of rosemary oil.
  • 2) Mummies, baby cream.
  • 3) 150 ml natural yoghurt, 1 tbsp.l.almond oil, lemon.
  • 4) 1 tbsp.sugar, 1 tbsp.salt and Article 0.5.palm oil.
  • 5) Essential Oils.
  • 6) green, blue and gray clay, liquid honey.
There is one folk remedy for the treatment of stretch marks using almond oil.Mix one teaspoon of almond oil and eight drops of essential oil of rosemary.Mix well and rub into the skin of the legs as long as it will take place stretching.
proven way to get rid of stretch marks using a mummy.Dissolve one gram of mummies in one tablespoon of hot water.Add
80 grams of baby cream, mix well and rub once a month in the problem areas.Store the resulting mixture in the refrigerator, tightly closed lid.
With peels and scrubs can smooth stretch.For this we need 150 ml of yogurt and one tablespoon of almond oil.Lemon is good wash and rub on a fine grater zest of one lemon and mix with yoghurt and almond oil.Apply the peeling space stretch and gently massage for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.To conduct such a procedure should be twice a week.With peeling stretch gradually become much less.
Mix one cup of sugar, one cup of salt and 0.5 cups of palm oil (can substitute olive).All mix thoroughly and apply before showering received little scrub on the problem areas and massage.Then rinse with warm water and apply a nourishing body cream.A month later, the first results will be seen - stretching will become much lighter and will begin to dissolve.Continue massaging the place of appearance of stretch marks and you undoubtedly will achieve an excellent result.
In order to get rid of stretch marks on the thighs needed every day to massage with essential oils - orange oil, wheat germ oil, rosemary and hazelnut.Movement should be tidy, without strong pressure and stretching the skin.
Mix equal proportions of green, blue and gray clay.Add a little liquid honey until a homogeneous plastic mass.The resulting mass is put on place stretch, to fix a bandage and leave overnight.Making such a procedure is necessary every day to the disappearance of stretch marks and scars.Every day a new batch of clay cooking with honey.