you need
  • - bright wallpaper;
  • - mirror;
  • - screens or sliding doors;
  • - transformed or folding bed, sofa;
  • - tables;
  • - a big wardrobe;
  • - wall shelves;
  • - TV;
  • - computer desk and a chair;
  • - bar;
  • - table;
  • - chairs;
  • - refrigerator;
  • - chandelier;
  • - wall hanger.
Begin equipping the room with its optic zoom.Stick the bright wallpaper, hang a mirror, remove bulky plinth.The interior should not be anything dark, large, too bright or dull.
Once the repair is done, divide the room into zones.Split can be visually using screens, transparent sliding doors or furniture.In the recreation area set bed, better decomposed or transformed.You can also put a sofa
, which will serve as a sleeping place at night and place for receiving guests during the day.On the sides you can put medium-sized tables, preferably bright and glossy.
in a recreation area, set the cabinet in which to store things.It is better to put in a corner.To not have to buy a few pieces of furniture to store things, choose the largest cabinet with sliding doors and a mezzanine.If you will be little space, hang wall shelves.
In the same area a TV set, a plasma is desirable.Make it so that if you want it to be seen from other places of the room.End recreation areas make the workplace - computer desk and chair.
kitchen area can be separated from the rest of the premises with the help of the bar.At this point it must be a table, a few chairs and a refrigerator, if necessary.
If you need a bathroom, Organize it in one of the corners at the entrance.Fence off its dense screen or thin wooden planks.
work area should be very small.Place it next to the bedroom.It will serve as the beginning of the computer table.If necessary, hang a chandelier, put a small bedside table, in which to store the necessary things.
for clothes hang at the entrance to the hanger.Do not install flooring options, they will conceal part of the space.