Try any bleach if you have a white thing.If previously bleached clothes except that "whiteness", now a sea of ​​bleach: Choose to your taste.It may be known to almost all Comet, Vanish, Ace, and others.By the way, it is best to cope with this task is the oxygen (not chlorine) bleach like "Bos" and others.
If you shed colored items, wash them immediately with the universal bleaching agent from the company Amway.With the help of a garment washes not only faded spots, but also wine with synthetics, and even with the
brilliant green cotton items.Suitable for the tool and color, and white linen.
There is also a special tool K2r, referred to as "universal bleach for randomly colored things."One package is enough for 8-10 liters of water.With this tool you need to operate according to the instructions clearly and continuously monitor the process.Do not leave a thing soaked for a long time.This bleach is also suitable for any laundry.If in doubt, try it on an inconspicuous operation and a small section of faded things.Immersed in the solution, the thing will even gray.So it should be.After some time, the color will be restored.
You can try to use the tool "Antilin" which restores the color randomly colored things.By means of detailed instructions attached.
If the house has ammonia, you can get rid of the faded stains on clothes and with his help.Just soak tainted thing in hot aqueous solution of ammonia itself.To do this, take a pan with hot water and pour it to one or two bottles of ammonia (50 g).Smell is unpleasant, but the paint is faded over time depart.
last resort, which can be advised, this color restorer Dr.Beckmann 3 to 1. The feature of this tool is that it is a potent and highly poisonous chemical.Work with this tool only with gloves.Also, do not interfere with eyewear.