Tip 1: How to build muscle fast without chemicals

Inflate muscles much to novice athletes.I especially want to do it without illicit drugs and in a short time.But there is a special program that allows anyone to achieve the desired result in the pumping muscle.
you need
  • - natural products;
  • - sports nutrition.
Consult a physician.Find out whether you can make big load on the torso and internal organs.Remember that rapid weight set is associated with risk of injury or overload the digestive organs.Take care of it in advance.In the first place should stand health, and only then result in the sport.If there are no contraindications, go to the next step.

Make a new schedule and daily routine.Forget the nightly festivities and sleep till noon.In the next six to twelve months to submit his life striving to dial in the room a lot.Develop a strict sleep schedule, work and leisure.Stick to it for a minute.Sleep at least 8 hours, work and play roughly the same amount.

Avoid heavy load during the day.You can not bui
ld muscle without steroids, if you are physically or mentally overloaded.Do not forget that you need to recover from workouts and afternoon.Go to lighter work or simply refer to the school issues.Without this not turn out to achieve results.
gym 3 times a week.The best option - to engage with weights three times in the last 7 days.Inflate only to the crossbar and bars fail.For this purpose appropriate only barbells and dumbbells!Is considering only the back, legs and chest, doing no more than 3-4 exercises per workout.It should last no more than 60 minutes.
Eat as often as possible.Stock up on organic food for the day and to consume them in large quantities 5-6 times.Eat every 3-3.5 hours.During this time, food time to digest and deliver nutrients to muscles.When this mode is created anabolic effect which will encourage the muscles to grow.

Add to your diet quality sports nutrition.It is not possible to quickly gain kilos in the hall, not eating protein and Creatine.You do not do it with conventional products, because they do not have in abundance all that is needed by the body for growth.Get gainer protein and one of the most popular Western manufacturers and eat them throughout the day, before and after training, stirring the milk.The result did not take long, and you gain muscle mass without chemistry!

Tip 2: How to quickly build muscle

Most beginners dream of muscle development from the first day in the gym.Is it possible to achieve quick results?What methods will help gain muscle mass?
How to quickly build muscle


to quickly inflate the muscles you need to understand the process of formation of muscle cells.First, you need to "break" the muscle cell.Then you need to give your body the protein and the time for recovery.Then muscle cell is fused, increasing at a rate several times.

In training, you must provide a sufficient number of ruptured muscle cells.Bench press, deadlift and squat with a barbell will allow you to quickly act on the major muscle groups, strengthening the back, arms, chest and legs.Engage in the gym should be equally - there is no point doing a lot of reps for biceps, ignoring the key muscle groups.

Between approach uses breaks in 10-15 minutes.Such long intervals will help restore breathing and heartbeat.In addition, you will be able to rest after a little personal power to set records.Be sure to increase the load - increase the operating weight on bench, squat and deadlift, the number of repetitions in the exercises at the press, and "twisting".If you do not increase the load, "accustomed" to a particular body function will not receive the stress needed to break existing muscle connections.

Dosage protein

2 grams of protein per 1 kg body weight of the athlete.Note that this includes not only protein, but also all of the protein, including meat, cheese, egg, etc.It is advisable to use meats separated from fat: beef, chicken breast.Eat fewer canned ham and more natural carrier protein: fish and dairy products.

also possible carrier protein to your diet can be a sports protein shakes.You can buy them in specialty stores sports nutrition.But do not overdo it: one to two drinks a day is enough.Beyond a certain limit protein is simply not able to be assimilated, garbage settling in your body.

energy carbohydrates

energy for workouts provide carbohydrates.The most common carbohydrate in the diet of man in the street are bread, pasta and sweets.However, the list of carbohydrate foods is not limited.Fruit, cereal, cereal can expand your list of foods.There is a misconception that proper nutrition an athlete requires unprecedented hardship.However, for a good mood are important, not specific products, but rather diversity.You can diversify your carbohydrate diet various cereals (buckwheat, rice, semolina, lentils), fruit salad.Chocolate balls and sweet cereals will help to start the day.

Ā«Caring for smallĀ»

amino acids and vitamins are of negligible mass, but their influence can not be overstated.Take vitamin complex - it will help increase the absorption of protein, stress, sleep and restore metabolism.Amino acids are necessary for stable formation of new cells - in fact during intense workouts on the body lies a serious burden.The amino acids themselves can either buy in a complex, or to diversify the diet.Many amino acids found in nuts, quail eggs, fish and legumes.


As already mentioned, the muscles grow during rest.For quick pumping muscles need to sleep 8-10 hours a day.In addition, you need at least a day of rest from training.The standard scheme of training includes three days and four days of rest.Restoration also contribute to campaigns in the bath or sauna - pores are cleaned, washed away dying skin cells.Try to make her harmonious physical development: read more, listen to classical music.Physical development, which is the work on increasing muscle mass, promotes intense mental process.It is advisable to use this fact to the maximum.
often ask, whether and how to pump up the body quickly, and how to build a body for a month at home.Also there are exercises for individual muscle groups that will help you pump up the relief of the body.To inflate the abdominal muscles and back, there are the following exercises.To pump up the back, you can lie on your stomach, palming off his feet under the sofa or other support, and slowly pull away, raising and lowering the upper body.
Helpful Hint
on increasing muscle mass, many think, but for novice bodybuilders question "how to build muscle" is the main, because their goal is a beautiful body.Build muscle fast is almost impossible, it is a long process that requires strength, perseverance and a great desire to achieve results.In addition, many beginners make the mistake of wanting to pump up the muscles of the arms or only pecs, not realizing that the need to influence the entire musculature.
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