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Quartet Group A lot headed champion of England Manchester United 2012-2013 season.How to say Andrei Kanchelskis "the only team in Manchester."From the second basket of the organizers got the ball with Shakhtar Ukrainian title, became the third club Bayer Leverkusen from Germany and nominal outsider will then Real Sociedad from Spain.Group received motley and totally unpredictable.
absolute favorite of this group bookmakers believe, of course, Manchester United (1.533 as the winner of the group).But we must be objective: United today is not ready to be the leader of the Champions League.There are several reasons, but the principal is the lack of an intelligent playmaker in midfield.After the departure of Paul Scholes (well, not to return the 39 year old midfielder a second time !?) this position is given to Klekerli.But he copes so far with mixed success.Wayne Rooney ma
y be as much as necessary to fall in the middle and try to develop the game, but everyone knows his place - ahead.Yes, plus the same new head coach David Moyes is only the first season was explaining his philosophy to players, and it takes up to a full understanding of both sides is still unknown.
The second quotation comes from Donetsk Shakhtar.Indeed, the Ukrainian team has already proved last season - its place exactly in the top eight teams in Europe.This year, however, there is no leader - Willian its geographical epic move to Chelsea in transit through Makhachkala.But without a Miner is able to give battle to any team.Factor as the winner of the group from bookmakers - 5.5.
Bayer Leverkusen has a coefficient of 7.00.But this does not mean anything.Today, the German football is experiencing the strongest rise since the days of Franz Beckenbauer, and this makes any team Bundesliga potentially very dangerous opponent.Leverkusen started well in the league, it shows one of the most spectacular and exciting football, and its leader, Stefan Kiessling is ready to thunder for the rest of Europe as a top-tier player.
and Bayer would be the most interesting and surprising team of this group, if not for Real Sociedad.San Sebastian rejoices at full length!The teams in the Champions League again, again shows a high level of football, and again the bright prospects overshadow all the "bad" thoughts in the minds of the players.Will the second team Malaga, sensationally reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League, or the limited performances in the group - a big question.But judging from the preliminary round, where one gate was beaten the most stable club Lyon in France the last few years, Real Sociedad has a great future.Odds for winning the group from bookmakers - 8.00.
The whole group is very even and the fight will be in every game.None of the teams does not look clear outsider.This means that each of the 24 matches will take place in the struggle, and this is what is necessary to fan!