Tip 1: How to determine the temperature in the gas oven

almost every cooking recipe homemade cakes are the words: "Bake at ...".During the preparation of confectionery products (cakes, cookies, cakes), there is a need to be able to properly regulate the temperature of the oven, becauseoven at a certain temperature can be obtained more or less rosy product.Some like when baked it turns out to tender crisp, and the other, on the contrary, the taste is soft crust without the express baking.
temperature in the oven during baking need to install, depending on the type of test, the size and shape of the product.Temperatures are distinguished as follows: mild temperatures - 130-180 degrees, the average - 180-220, a high - 220-270 degrees Celsius.
temperature of the oven, which is heated by electricity going through the built-in convection regulated easily and simply.To do this, simply set the desired temperature of the oven, in line with guidance at a special display or calibration that is present around the handle.
more complex manner regulated by the temperature of the oven with a gas supply heat.In many cases, the gas ovens have a grading provisions of the handle in numbers (for example, from 1 to 9) or the position of the gas regulator are marked by simple dashes levels from 1 to 7. In addition, it happens that the oven thermometer is broken.In such cases to know the temperature?
First, you can buy an oven thermometer (for example, order the online store).The average price for an oven thermometer - 500-600 rub.
You can also see the instructions in the gas stove, it must be written, how to determine the temperature of the oven plate.
In addition, you can use a special table for the oven temperatures of various designs (see. Table temperatures for gas oven with 9 divisions).
7 In the case of the main provisions of the oven temperature knob to use the following table.
you can write the desired lookup table numbers or dividing the oven temperature controller and attached to a refrigerator or, for example, on the inner door of the kitchen cabinet.When cooking you will need to just look at this table and to set the desired temperature.
In addition, the temperature in the gas oven can also define a national way, using a small pinch of flour.To check the temperature in the oven must first be in the middle of the pan in the preheated oven to give up a small amount of flour (much flour to put it is not necessary, because the flour burns very fast!) And then for 30 seconds to track its behavior:

- If the flour is graduallyand uniformly yellow, it means that the fire is too small (weak) and the oven temperature is 180 - 200 degrees.

- If the flour first yellow, and after 30 seconds, starts to get dark, it means that the average level of the fire, and the temperature of the oven - 220-240 degrees.

- If the flour immediately begins to blacken or char simply, it means that the fire is too strong, and the oven temperature is 270-280 degrees.
temperature in the oven can also be determined by another easy way - with the help of sheets of paper.Put a small piece of thin white paper on the bottom of the oven.If he starts to slowly turn yellow - this means that the average temperature of the oven if the piece will quickly become brown - high temperature, the fire is too strong.

Tip 2: How to determine the temperature in the oven

very important to know what is the temperature in the oven.Each dish has its own temperature.The quality and taste of the bread, fish, meat, cookies, biscuits or anything else, depends on respect for the right temperature during cooking.Check the heat in the oven, you can through the flour.
How to determine the temperature in the oven
you need
  • Flour
Throw a handful of flour in the pan, standing at an average level.If the flour quickly browned, then the temperature inside your oven for about 230˚S above.
If the flour gets a golden color a few minutes, then in the oven 170-180˚S.
If the flour for a long time retains its original appearance, it means the minimum temperature (140-150˚S).
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