Tip 1: How to make a design project of the apartment itself

Many people who are on a budget, want to save or simply try their hand at design , decide to make the project design- own apartment.In fact, special difficulties in this.The main thing here is to know - is the foundation of the creative process.
main thing - the idea.
first and foremost thing in independent design- project e apartments - an idea.In this respect, you can be very original, very modest.In general, there are many options.However, for beginners yet it is an ideal "deploy" all their imagination in a certain stylistic direction that has long defined the canons and borders.So you will not get trapped.
accuracy - that is important.
Once you clearly thought through the idea of ​​design- project and apartments , as well acquainted with all the subtleties of the selected style, is to pass to the practical project ation.But before that it is very important to know exactly all the dimensions of his apartment .Ideally, if you find a plan for housing.Even better
, personally check all its data with the help of roulette.
software - it is indispensable.Practical
project ation will take place much easier and faster if you use a special simple program.These can be ranked and 3D Floor Arcon.With the help of these programs do all the working documents and draw sketches will be easy.Next, you will need to transfer the sketches into drawings in the selected program.You can do this yourself (after reading the detailed instructions), or to entrust this part of the art.

Tip 2: How to make the apartment project

project apartments - is the embodiment of your vision for the future of the home.As a rule, the projects are still in the construction phase, to allow for the slightest nuances and design suggestions, but for repair projects are no less important.
The projects are still in the construction phase
you need
  • Carbon paper, pencils, measuring tape, if necessary paint.
Start with the overall design or scheme apartments a given size and then proceed to add decoration.
sure to draw on the project layout, specify the color of furniture, drawing can be done using a stencil.With stencils, you can create a lot of creative projects and images, such as various flower ornaments, animalistic, alphabets, stripes, geometric shapes, etc.Use the brush as a kind of tie-dye stencil.
necessary to choose the style of the rooms, furniture styles and colors.In the finished project should take into account that such colors as white, cream, light blue is best suited for the furniture in the kitchen or the bedroom, and vibrant colors are appropriate in the living room or hall.
You can create your own design painted furniture and paint part of the furniture.For example, draw the whole of the furniture in the same color, and then draw a border in a contrasting color.Then use a whole different colors of paint to draw a spiral or points.
Another idea of ​​creating furniture design is to just draw a sketch of the furniture in a variety of patterns, such as rings or spots or stripes.
sure to put the project apartments dimensions, parameters and boundaries of various objects, including furniture, walls, doors and windows.If the project apartments created as a simplified scheme, it should be at the bottom to indicate decoding of the symbols depicted in the project
Remember that in the interior are important accessories.It is not necessary to assess the outcome without them.
Helpful Hint
1. If you are low on money, let all the experts to realize your design idea into a project.

2. With self-planning do not forget to check and recheck all dimensions - is very important.
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