Tip 1: How to draw a draft of his house

Quite a lot of people faced with the challenge of designing the house.For a man who had this issue does not come into contact, it can be difficult.In order to properly design a house, you need to follow some rules.
Initially, determine the size, no matter what you're building, you're going to draw the (existing or projected).In order to get a quality plan, simply take a tape measure and as accurately as possible make measurements.If you draw a projected building, include more fantasy.
need to begin to draw axes passing in the middle of the main bearing and main walls.If you want to make a plan of a small building of rectangular shape, then perform the axis at the center of exterior walls.
Label the vertical axis of the letters of the Russian alphabet and numbers gorizontalnye-.Spend on the wall planned axes.After that show the inside of the building interior walls and partitions.Where needed, draw walls windows and doors (also specify the direction of opening).All the
walls have to show the stroke.
Show the location of devices and equipment in accordance with their functional purpose (for example, a toilet and a bathtub in the bathroom).Make the setting explicative number (circle with a number inside).Tabulated explication numbers that match a given room.Point out the terms of stairwells, vents, mark the floor numbers of windows and doors.
After you draw a plan, set the size.Should be required to indicate the dimensions of the building.You also need to show the binding of each partition, doors and windows.Take out a plan 1: 100, ie,1 meter in fact - is 10 mm in the drawing.If the scale is not appropriate due to the size of the building, you can take the scale of 1:50 or 1: 200.Sign the finished plan (the "Plan of the 1st floor").Make an explication of the premises, which is a table of 3 columns (1 - explicative number 2 - the name of the room, 3 - floor area).All this is put on a sheet with a frame and a stamp.

Tip 2: How to draw a plan

gathered to build a house or cottage, first think over what you want and how to imagine the future structure.Draw a plan of his .The plan may be required and, if gathered together to change something inside the house or to make an external extension.
How to draw a plan
you need
  • Roulette
  • Pencil
  • line
  • Elbow
  • Paper
Spend the necessary measurements.You need to know the length and width of the structure.If you are just about to build a house, think of what it must be sized.
Spend on leaf axis.Note that the axis will be located in the middle of the bearing wall.Accordingly, the distance between the axes corresponds to the spacing between the walls.
Label the axis.The vertical axis of the label numbers, and the horizontal - Russian letters.
Draw axes wall thick line.Mark doorway.
Apply interior walls and partitions.
Indicate doors and windows, as well as the direction in which they are opened.Partitions shade.Windows and doors please number.
Mark kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other facilities, which have the necessary equipment or its installation is expected.
Mark ladders, ventilation shafts, mark the floor.
Give each room explicative number and mark its number in a circle.
Make table explication.Make it all the rooms in numerical order.
paper is best to take millimeter.

preferred to pre-select the scale and draw a plan in accordance with it.

All lines is carried out strictly on the line.If the home has some areas, for example, round or oval - do not paint them by hand, and use drawing implements.
Helpful Hint
In terms of area and number necessary to designate all the buildings, tracks, well.You can also designate different zones - garden, vegetable beds and stuff.

With the emergence of each line on the plan immediately Dimensions indicated its object.This will save a lot of time.
Helpful Hint
If you could not draw on their own project, it is necessary to refer to specialists.
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