Tip 1: How to catch up on the bar

Such exercises like pull-ups, often included in the program of various sets of exercises aimed at developing the muscles in the arms and chest.But in order to exercise was as effective as possible, it is necessary to learn how to & amp;properly tightened.

To do this, take up the bar right grip - hands at the same time should be slightly wider apart than shoulder width.Initially, the arms should be fully extended and stretched his shoulders - relaxed.On the inhale you need to hold your breath and begin to rise up, controlling the motion of the elbow.Pullup must be on hand until the moment when your breasts will reach the bar, or even rise a little higher.Then exhale should fall down - smoothly and quietly, until you reach the home position.The most common misconception regarding tightening, is confident that the athletes to participate in the process of tightening the biceps.In fact it is not - the main load in this exercise falls on the triceps.

If you want to pull the maximum effect on the develop

ment and muscle tone back, you must make grip as wide as possible.To not become traumatic pulling exercise should pay attention to the situation and the work of the joints in the implementation of pull-ups (especially wide grip pull-ups).Too many young athletes, even realizing the full benefits of pull-ups, do not like to perform it, in fact, a simple but effective exercise.The fact that the lift at the hands of their weight in the beginning is really hard.But if you're trying to catch up with the right and follow the status of their muscles and ligaments during training, eventually cease to pull seem so much overwork.

Tip 2: How to catch up on the bar

Pull-ups on the bar body is not only part of the overall physical fitness, but also the most effective and safe exercise to maintain body tone.When the pull-up technique is important to respect and enhance the load mode.
Pull-ups on the bar
most common pull-up technique with which most athletes begin the development of this discipline is to raise the body to the horizontal crossbar inverse and direct enough.Before you start working out this exercise will require a qualitative statement of the starting position.Free hanging on his hands, divorced a little more than shoulder width, you must cross your legs and bend them at the knees, placing the lower leg parallel to the ground.In such a situation it would be almost impossible to squirm and tightened in jerks.
Before pulling you must take a deep breath and chest to reach the bar, throwing his head back slightly and exhale air.The exercise does not need too quickly or slowly in a smooth pace you need to bend your elbows so that his chin was above the level of the crossbar.If you go out to such a height does not work, you should raise the body to the limit.The highest point is necessary to fix the position of one - half seconds, and then you need to go down smoothly to its original position, taking a deep breath.During the pull-ups need to exert maximum control and a working group of muscles: the biceps, forearms and latissimus dorsi.
When the number of repetitions to increase to ten, it is necessary to proceed to load differentiated doing pull-ups with different grip hand.When the narrow grip, when the hands touch each other, only work the biceps and forearm muscles.The average-grip pull-ups you can do to warm up and cool down, and the hands should be placed at shoulder width.Wide grip - a maximum possible dilution of arms in which the athlete will be able to carry out recovery.When pulling up a wide grip to exclude girth crossbar thumbs: so the work will not be included forearm muscles that allow a maximum load back.
Alternative techniques pull is also very popular and help involve muscle-insoles.One of these techniques is the pulling back of the head to the bar: when it is not necessary to throw back his head and tilt it down, trying to touch the base of the neck crossbar.When pulling for "head" athlete must have well-developed muscles of the shoulder girdle, otherwise there is a risk to get seriously injured rotator cuff or shoulder joint itself.It is also quite common with a mixed grip pull-up when the beam is perpendicular to the line of the shoulders.This technique is well-developed biceps and forearm muscles.
after exercise on the bar to jump off it can not be: the increased gaps between the vertebral discs with the collapse, leading to microtraumas spine.
Helpful Hint
When tightening the need to strictly observe the rate of movement and breathing rhythm: the positive phase of the exercise should last three seconds and be accompanied by an exhalation and negative - with a second attendant breath.
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