There are a number of simple exercises that simulate the silhouette of the legs as a whole, giving it a more seductive shape.They need to perform every day.These classes do not take much time, but give excellent results, which become visible in a couple of weeks of regular training.Below is just one of the proposed options for complex activities.You can combine exercise at its discretion, to exercise certain muscle groups.This will help you achieve a better result.
Exercise 1. Lunges.Starting position: Stand with one leg ahead of the other.The distance between the leg
s should be such as if you're going to make a big step.TIPS FOR TAKING: The back should be straight, not overwhelm forward or backward.If you have a special platform to practice, you can perform lunges with it.This will increase the burden.
Breathe and begin to fall.Slowly bend vperedistoyaschego knee.At the same time, lifting the heel from the floor of the second leg .Transfer the weight of the body on the toes legs standing behind .Achieve a situation in which both legs be bent at a right angle at the knee.Fix for a few seconds, then slowly, without jerky movements back to the starting position.To maintain a balance, you can place the hands in the parties.Repeat several times alternately to both legs.
Exercise 2. Squats.Starting position: Standing by the wall.Tips to implement: Keep your back flat.Linger in the lowest position as seconds or minutes as you can manage.
Perform squats slowly.The lowest position in which you have to commit at least 5-10 seconds is achieved when the angle between the femur and tibia will be 90 degrees.In the starting position back slowly, without jerks.It is recommended to repeat the exercise at least 10-15 times a day.
Exercise 3. Leg raises.Method A. Starting position: Lying on your stomach, dissolve hands apart and pull tightly compressed legs .Bend alternately right and left leg, pulling them as close as possible to the right and left shoulder, respectively.Head when it is necessary to always keep the raised and rotated to the left and the right.In the starting position back slowly.
Exercise 3. Leg raises.Method B: Starting position: Place a small towel rolled up in a roll between his ankles.Lie on your side.One hand pull exactly forward, under the ear.Second place on the floor in front of chest.Try to draw the belly and lift your waist from the floor.Hips should be located strictly one above the other.TIPS FOR TAKING: Try not to reject the body forward or backward during exercise.Rely on hand, lying in front of chest.
Squeeze located between the ankle towel, lift both legs up the capacity of their muscles.Try at least for a moment fixed in this position.Slowly lower leg .Repeat the exercise at least 10 times.