According to various information sources, the cost of transfer ranges from 100 to 160 million dollars.Many even the lower bracket of the range is too high.This money is "Real" is more than enough for the acquisition of several clubs in the Spanish examples.However, if you look at European football from an economic point of view, it turns out that critique itself "real" rather underestimate such top players as Cristiano Rolando.

After the football turned into a branch of show business, the effectiveness of buying players stopped measured only in the programs and Scoring draw.Football became a mass spectacle attracts attention to specific characters.Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo is currently one of the most recognizable players in the world.Therefore, the "Real", which provides for a $ 10
0 million, estimates this amount is not only the creative head and feet frisky footballer, but also a new part of the market, which, if successful, will be able to cover one time.

During the first five years of existence of the term "galacticos" "Real" won nothing, but more than doubled its profit multiplied from 138 to 292 million euros per year.Not the fact that if the "Real" has not established and implemented the concept of "galacticos", but during that time took a lot of titles, the growth of its revenues would be substantially the same.According to calculations Daily Telegraph, «Real" and his tehsponsor, in the case of transfer of Ronaldo, only from the sale of T-shirts will receive about $ 50 million.

Economists Deloitte, annually conducting thorough audit of the football industry, if they criticize clubs for the high costs of salaries, the mean average players.According to them the players wages are growing at the same rate as the wages of stars - but the growth market of "average" have less impact.Top players, despite the growth of wages, still earn less than the stars of America's leading sports leagues - "Formula 1" and the golf course.This means that revenues and the cost of the leading players in world football, to establish itself as the most powerful sports industry, there is room to grow, and it is inevitable.