rise on tiptoes.Stand with your feet set shoulder width of the pelvis, feet should be parallel.Inhale and rise up on your toes as you exhale.Repeat this exercise 25-30 times.
rise on the toes on one foot.Stand with your weight fully translated into the right leg, and left the floor, lifting, bending it at the knee at the same time.Take a deep breath and take the sock.For each leg repeat the exercise 15-20 times.
Another rise to the "clumsy feet" on their toes directed inward.Stand up straight, place your feet on the width of the pelvis, point the toes inside.Now take a deep breath, go up on your toes as you exhale.Exercise repeat 25-30 times.
This small complex of exerc
ises should be repeated twice a day.But to reduce the calf for a couple of centimeters from these exercises can only be a minimum of six months.To reduce this period, you should perform additional exercises.
Sit on a soft carpet or a mat on your knees, keep your back straight, hands are placed in front of you and sit in this position on the floor alternately, then the left, then the right side of the thighs.Do as many repetitions.
Stand on a small hill so that your heels hanging.Now go up on tiptoes and lowered.Keep your back flat.
Zoom eggs will also help them stretch:
Make one foot step forward, resting his hands on his buttocks.Slowly begins to bend the knee to the foot that is in front.Slowly squat down deeper and down, this time stretching the back of the thigh and calf muscles of the leg situated at the rear.To increase the tension, just slide the front foot further forward, but her hands do not put in any case.And one more thing: in this exercise, the main weight of the body must always occur in the leg, the rear.