you need
  • - Freezer
  • - Linen gloves
  • - Water
  • - Washing powder
  • - Acetone (ammonia, turpentine, alcohol, kerosene or gasoline)
  • - Salt
  • - Starch
  • - Rag
  • - Vata
  • - Iron
  • - Blotter or gauze
  • - Knife
  • - Iron
  • - Brush with soft and hard bristles
Try to startdo more gentle method to clean clothes from the resin and freeze slightly stained item in the freezer and carried her outside in the winter cold.After hardening spot wear linen gloves and gently rub the resin thumb and forefinger.If the stain was still fresh, it should crumble.Then wash it with warm water and a conventional detergent.
Use active agents for cleaning resin from the clothes, if the stain can not be rub
bing.Typically, these types of contaminants are removed with acetone;a mixture of ammonia and sodium salts;turpentine;ethanol.And if you are not afraid of bad breath, you can take a kerosene or gasoline.In order not to spoil the cloth, read the information on the label of the product - whether it is possible for her dry cleaning.Well, first try this or that means low-profile on the wrong side of the seam.
podstelil thing cleaned under a pile of napkins or folded several times a clean porous cloth.Tar stains on the clothing must first be processed at the edges, so it does not spread across the surface of the fabric.Moisten a cotton swab in the cleaner and wipe the dirt, gradually moving to the center.
If the stain resin already thoroughly absorbed into the structure of the fabric, use a brush to clean things with very stiff bristles.I soak it in a cleaning fluid and pohlestyvayte spot - as a means to cleanse and penetrate deeper inveterate pollution.
careful not to damage the fabric, resin, scrape the blade of a knife and pour in the remaining dirt ethanol and turpentine (taken in equal proportions).After that, cover with gauze or suffering clothes blotter (you can even toilet paper) and a good otutyuzhte.Clean the brush thing.
Finally, try using the starch.At 5 grams drip a little ammonia and turpentine, to obtain a liquid paste.Spread it speck resin and let dry completely until crisp.Then you need to clean clothes from the resin stiff, then a soft brush.